How do I dry my makeup brushes?

How do I dry my makeup brushes?
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Washing your brushes is very important, because they get deposited on the remains of cosmetics, dust and other impurities. This is a source of bacteria, which can harm your skin. However, after washing, you need to dry them properly. How to dry makeup brushes? Here’s how.

Don’t make these mistakes

Drying your makeup brushes is quite important, as it determines the condition of your brushes and how long you will use them. Don’ t dry them with the bristles facing up. Water will seep in further and the handle may peel off. It is not a good idea to use a hair dryer. Brushes should dry naturally, preferably in a room with free airflow.

A lot also depends on how you wash your brushes. This also affects how much longer you will use them. You can’t use boiling water or strong detergents. You also have to be careful about mechanical cleaning so that you don’t pull out the hairs.

Drying brushes – quick and easy

First of all, the brush bristles should face downwards. To do so, you can use traditional rubber bands. You can then attach the brushes to a towel holder or a heater. Make sure the heater is turned off, though, because hot air won’t do the bristles any good either.

If you can’t hang your brushes upside down, you can also stack them on their side. If you can’t hang them upside down, you can also hang them on their side, but make sure that the bristles stick out over the edge of a table or dresser.

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