How to install a hammock?

How to install a hammock?
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Lying in a hammock is associated with pure pleasure, relaxation and worry-free time. You don’t have to go to a tropical island to relax in a hammock. You can install it in your home or garden. In the following article we explain step by step how to do it.

Before buying the hammock of your dreams, you should choose a place where you want to hang it, and you should measure the distance between the suspension points. Then you can focus on the design and size of the hammock. Mounting our relaxation zone does not have to be difficult and time-consuming, you just need to prepare well for it

Where is the best place to install a hammock?

A hammock between the walls

A hammock does not have to be suspended in the garden between sturdy trees. It works just as well in our homes, on the balcony or terrace. When you choose the place where you want to rest in a hammock, remember that the space between the walls should be at least 20 cm longer than the length of your new bed

How to prepare for hanging the hammock? On the walls we have to fix the hooks and stretches which will hold the weight of our body. Usually we will have to buy them additionally. When choosing walls for hanging the hammock, remember to check the degree of weight they will be able to bear. This type of bed should not be hung on partition walls. The advantage of mounting a hammock on brackets attached to the wall is that folding and unfolding it will be quick and easy. The optimal height to drill a place for brackets in the wall is about 180 cm

Hammock between the trees in the garden

The most popular place to install a hammock is between the trees in the garden, where you can find peace in the shade and enjoy the beautiful weather and nature. On a plot with tall trees with wide trunks, finding space for a hammock should not be a problem. Also, the assembly of such a hammock is child’s play. For this purpose you will need two snap hooks and two strong ropes

Just choose two trees at least 4 meters apart from each other. Then we tie a double folded rope into a strong loop and attach the handles. If you don’t have snap hooks, and you’re installing the hammock only for a short time, you can skip them and use only ropes. In such an arrangement to be fully happy we just need a good book, cold lemonade and afternoon relaxation is ready!

One tree and… a portable stand

Not every property has long-lasting trees. However, this is not a reason to worry and give up the hammock in the garden. Even just one tree is enough to enjoy a light swing in a hammock. To hang it you will need a second point on which to rest the rocker. Currently, you can find stands in the offer of specialized stores that can easily replace the second lifting point

The stands are portable and have a lot of adjustability, so you can easily change the place of hanging the hammock. Their advantage is a simple mechanism that can certainly hold a lot of weight. The stand needs to be anchored in the ground with a steel spike. When choosing a place for our hammock, we must remember that the surface must be flat, so that we can put the stand on it.

How to install a hammock in the garden where there are no trees?

The lack of even one solid trunk in our garden does not have to mean that we have to say goodbye to the vision of relaxing in a hammock. Many people buy new plots, where there are no trees, or it was necessary to cut them down. Planting new ones and waiting for the stage when they can support a hammock can take up to 50 years. It is not worth putting off your plans for such a long time

Garden furniture stores offer various types of stands or racks on which to hang our dream hammock. On one side, you can use a stand, and on the other, you can mount the hammock to a fence or a sturdy pole. For people who have a large garden, the ideal solution will be a rack. Their load capacity is even 300 kg, so even 3 people can rest in a hammock at the same time

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