Which meat is easy to digest? Overview

Which meat is easy to digest? Overview
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Healthy and rational nutrition is becoming an increasingly important aspect of life for many people. In order to take care of their health, a large number of them give up eating meat or limit the amount of meat in their diet

When choosing meat, it is worth choosing species that are easy to digest and lean, thanks to which we can provide the body with essential protein, while not overloading the digestive system. It is worth choosing poultry, veal, beef and rabbit meat

When preparing meat, pay attention to the way it is cooked. The healthiest meats are boiled, steamed, roasted and stewed. It is worth resigning from fried dishes, especially in deep fat. If you are on an easy-to-digest diet, you can include meat, but it should be lean meat, preferably without fatty skin. This type of meat can be used to create wonderful dishes and meals, especially when combined with seasonal vegetables

Indigestible diet – what can you eat?

An easy-to-digest diet is a type of nutrition that has healing properties. It is recommended for people who suffer from, among others, intestinal inflammation, stomach flu or undergoing convalescence. It is also advisable for people after various surgeries and procedures. It is also an excellent way to stay healthy and enjoy a beautiful figure. Foods prepared on an easy-to-digest diet should be boiled in water, stewed, steamed or baked in foil. The menu should consist of lean meat, wheat bread, low-fat dairy products, vegetables and fruits, among other things. This kind of diet is an excellent way to cleanse the body. It is worth buying meat from reliable breeders, who take care of animals and do not add antibiotics to their feed

What kinds of meat are good to eat on an easy-to-digest diet?

  1. Poultry

Chicken is the most popular meat in an easy-to-digest diet because of its relatively low price, its nutritional value and its ease of preparation. Chicken breast in particular is often recommended by nutritionists. Besides, poultry can include turkey, goose, duck, pigeon or guinea fowl meat

The big advantage is that they are low in calories with high nutrient content. They contain large amounts of protein and antioxidants, zinc and magnesium. They can be prepared in a simple and quick way, serving with vegetables, groats or pasta

  1. Veal

Veal is a lean and easily digestible meat that is often recommended for children and the elderly. This type of meat is distinguished by its high protein content and low fat content. In addition, it is a good source of B vitamins, especially B1 (thiamine) and B2 (riboflavin), as well as iron and phosphorus. The fat present in veal is a source of CLA linoleic acid

It is a component that delays the formation of atherosclerosis and accelerates the reduction of body fat, in addition, it inhibits the development of type 2 diabetes. Studies show that CLA also improves bone mineralization, acts as an antibacterial and antioxidant

  1. Beef

Beef is a meat that is extremely rich in nutritional value. It is a very good source of protein, iron and phosphorus. Regular consumption of beef satisfies the need for B vitamins, especially B12, B1 and B6. Beef is especially recommended in the diet of athletes due to its low fat content and easily digestible protein. Beef also contains the valuable L-carnitine, which supports endurance and ensures recovery after exercise

  1. Rabbit

Rabbit carcass is a diet meat that is very tender and easy to digest. It is a species of meat recommended for allergy sufferers, infants and people suffering from cardiovascular ailments. An important note is that humans assimilate protein from rabbit meat in 90 percent, a very good result compared to other species. The rabbit carcass also has very good culinary properties, well cooked meat is juicy and tender

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