How to take care of books?

How to take care of books?
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Books deteriorate, it is the natural order of things. It is worth taking proper care of your volumes – thanks to this they will last much longer. How to take proper care of books?

7 rules of proper book care

1. Proper storage of books

A very common solution for many bookworms is storing books on bookcases located in corridors. This is a very practical solution but it is not good for books. In a room where volumes are stored, the humidity should be 45-55% and the temperature should not exceed 21 degrees.

The bookcase should not be placed next to a radiator or a window. The heat from the radiator can cause books to shatter. Sunlight can cause yellow stains on books and fading of covers

2. Placing books on a bookcase

Books should be stored vertically or horizontally (tightly next to each other or one on top of the other) on bookcases so there is little air circulation and it has a positive effect on the shelf life of the books.

3. Cleaning the volumes

A glazed bookcase will further protect the volumes from dust and drafts. From time to time, use a broom or dry cloth to remove dust from the books. Do not wipe the books with a damp cloth as this can damage them.

4. Do not bend corners

When reading, do not bend the book cover so that the two pages meet. This is a very convenient option for many bookworms, but it can permanently deform the cover of the volume.

Folding the pages destroys the book, the structure of the paper breaks and the mark of the fold remains. Therefore, it is worth getting a bookmark, but it must not be too thick, because it causes deformation of the pages.

5. Moving books

Books get damaged during moving and transporting. In case of moving, it is advisable to stack the books very tightly in a cardboard box. If the book is carried in a backpack or bag, place it in a separate compartment with the spine up. This way, the pages will not be damaged when you put other documents in

6. Correct use of books

When reading a book, do not:

  • apply make-up or paint your nails,
  • eat with a book in hand,
  • use the book as a cup holder,
  • bend a book more than it is necessary.

7. Repairing books

  • If the book is valuable, the best solution is to take it to a bookbinder.
  • When the book is sewn, it should be re-stitched. This is best done with a shoemaker’s chisel.
  • Glued books should be glued again. All-purpose glue can be used for gluing. Do not glue the book with adhesive tape. The glue from the tape adversely affects the paper of the books, and yellow marks may remain after gluing with the tape after some time.
  • If the book is flooded, dry it with a dry cloth and laboratory paper. It is not allowed to dry books on a heater or hair dryer – it can damage or deform a book.

It is worth taking care of books as each volume has its own irresistible charm. Old books bring back many a bibliophile’s delight

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