How to fix your tan? Follow these tips!

How to fix your tan? Follow these tips!
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Sun-kissed skin is a beautiful showcase for your body, but how do you make sure your tan stays with you for longer, and not just until the end of summer? There are a few proven ways!

You’ve just returned from a vacation abroad or to the seaside and your friends can’t get over how beautifully and evenly tanned you are. But don’t forget this won’t last forever. First of all, you need to take care of your tan after sunbathing and maintain it if you want it to stay firmly in place during the colder months.

How to make your tan last longer?

Who doesn’t dream of a golden shade of skin? Especially during holidays, one of the souvenirs we want to bring back from a trip is a beautiful, natural tan. To get an even tan and not get a sunburn, we need to properly prepare our skin for likely long contact with the sun

On a hot day outdoors, no matter how we spend it, we must apply on the skin creams with a high filter. The stronger the filter, the more effective the protection against the sun’s radiation, which our skin does not necessarily like. If we take good care of our skin, the tan will be beautiful, and there will be no discoloration of the skin, and more importantly, the skin will not start to peel. However, the golden shade on our body won’t stay with us until the next vacation. What can you do to keep your tan?

Four proven ways to keep your tan!

I. The basic principle is good moisturizing

Dry skin is unhealthy! We need to hydrate our skin every day, both inside by drinking enough fluids and eating a balanced diet, and outside by applying moisturizers. After sunbathing you need to take special care of your skin’s hydration. Cosmetics that moisturize it well should contain d-panthenol. It soothes skin irritated by sun. It soothes effects of intensive sunbathing, but also helps to maintain color and fix your tan.

II. Cold shower is better than hot bath

Tanned body doesn’t like bath in hot water, for sunburned skin works better cool shower. Why? It’s because long baths in hot water lead to faster evaporation of moisture from the skin, which can make your tan fade faster, and you don’t want that.

III. Self-tanning creams for tan preservation

When you have a beautiful, natural tan, you can easily maintain its effect by using self-tanning creams. Remember that self-tanners last from few to even dozen of days. Before applying self-tanner to the skin, it is good to exfoliate. Don’t start exfoliating right after tanning (that would irritate the newly tanned skin), but only after the tan starts to fade.

IV. Cosmetic products for tan preservation

On the cosmetics market, there’s a wide range of products (lotions, creams, lotions) helping to fix your tan. They contain in their compositions, among others, active substances that affect the production of melanin.

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