All about permanent eyebrow makeup

All about permanent eyebrow makeup
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Permanent eyebrow makeup is one of the many procedures that more and more Polish women are choosing. It effectively saves time spent in front of the mirror and improves the look of the makeup. The effect is extremely natural, although the procedure itself looks like a tattoo

What is permanent eyebrow makeup?

Permanent makeup does not thicken the eyebrows, nor does it make them grow new hair or improve their condition. It gives the eyebrows a natural look by introducing pigment into the stratum spinosum of the epidermis. It does not create a permanent effect, the makeup needs to be corrected from time to time. The pigment is introduced into the outer layer of the skin, so the effect is toned, and the colors are not translucent

How does the treatment look like?

During the first visit the linergist measures the proportions of the eye area. On the face she makes a preliminary drawing of the eyebrows with a simple crayon. This is usually done several times until the client is satisfied with the shape. After approval, the linergist applies a gel or liquid local anesthetic to the eyebrows

After waiting 10-15 minutes the whole process begins – the dye is introduced into the epidermis using disposable needles in an electric razor. Usually the procedure requires a touch-up, which is usually performed within 3 weeks after the first visit. It serves to improve the shape of the eyebrows and fix the makeup

Permanent eyebrow makeup – methods

There are several methods of permanent eyebrow makeup. Each of them differs in the final effect

The shading method

This is the most commonly used permanent makeup method. Especially recommended for ladies who have nice and thick eyebrows without visible translucency. Interestingly, it works great for people who have lost most of their hair due to illness. The shading method consists in tattooing and filling in the contour of the natural eyebrows. Such makeup replaces the one done every morning with pomade or shadow

The ombre method

In the ombre method, at least two colors are used to highlight the eyebrows. The entire look is based on a gradual transition between colors, and can also be done on a single color. The ombre method fits perfectly into current trends. Usually, the beginning of the eyebrows is accented with a lighter color and the rest is filled in with a uniform darker shadow

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Pen method

This is the latest method of permanent eyebrow makeup. It involves the precise introduction of pigment by a liner to imitate natural hair . The outline of the eyebrows is not created here, but only the individual hairs are pigmented. After the procedure they look naturally thicker. The method is designed for women who like the shape of their eyebrows, but only want to emphasize them naturally. However, it is most often chosen by people who have lost some of their hair for health reasons or want to slightly thicken them.

Recovery after the treatment

Definitely the time after the procedure is worse than the procedure itself. When you leave the surgery, your eyebrows are all swollen and red – this is completely natural. Besides, you should remember that eyebrows after permanent makeup require special treatment. After a few days after the procedure you can wash them, strictly following the information below

  • When doing makeup removal, avoid the area around the eyebrows.
  • When washing your face, do it in a gentle way – do not rub your eyebrows or use any sponges or brushes.
  • Use natural cosmetics with mild detergents
  • After washing the face, we drain it with a paper towel – it cannot be rubbed.

After a few days, scabs appear on the eyebrows. Do not scrape or scratch them. This is a completely natural reaction of the skin, the pigment penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis. The whole process takes about a week. Please note that the eyebrows are always initially darker. With the peeling of the epidermis, their color normalizes. Once the process is complete, a corrective procedure is performed to fill in the gaps and possibly improve their color

During recovery, the eyebrows should be properly cared for and a cream recommended by the specialist should be used. This will usually be a moisturizer with vitamin E

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