The perfect pedicure at home – step by step

The perfect pedicure at home – step by step
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We more and more willingly take care of our feet – we usually expose them in the summer, however, there is no shortage of advocates of the view that they should be taken care of all year round. Micro cracks on the heels can be dangerous to our health – they are penetrated by bacteria and viruses, which can cause serious diseases.

Therefore, it is worth taking care that the skin on them is smooth and, as far as possible, without calluses. Similarly with nails – if neglected, they can contribute to skin diseases and even pain. We present home methods for pedicure.

Instruments and cosmetics you need to perform pedicure

To perform a perfect pedicure, it’s worth getting a few gadgets that will significantly speed up all the activities, and at the same time make you take care of the skin of your feet in complete safety. Here are – in our opinion – the most important of them:

  • heel grater – on the market there are available grinders with different abrasive structure, to remove calluses dry or wet. Whatever model you choose, remember to clean it frequently. Disinfection is very important in this case;
  • nail clippers – with these you can quickly shorten and shape your nails. This tool is usually easy to keep clean and you can talk a lot about the possibilities of its use – it also comes in handy if you have to cut off your cuticles;
  • non-dusting swabs – if you plan on doing a full pedicure, you’ll probably need to clean the nail plate before applying polish or conditioner. Dust-free swabs are a good idea, because they don’t leave behind residue that can then dry under the polish and make it last much shorter;
  • cuticle sticks – thanks to this cosmetic tool, you can safely and without the risk of cutting yourself, remove your cuticles in order to thoroughly paint your nails;
  • foot oil and salt – in a bowl of warm water, dissolve salt and add a few drops of your favorite oil – choose one whose smell does not irritate you, after all, you should soak your feet for about 20 minutes. Salt will soften the skin and prepare it for further treatments;
  • coarse-grained scrub – this will finally smooth your skin after soaking it in water with salt and oil. It will become smooth, and your feet will regain a healthy look. Besides, foot massage with scrub improves mood and has a relaxing effect.

How often do I get a pedicure at home?

How often you get a pedicure at home really depends on you and your preferences and how quickly your skin keratinizes. Some people only need a treatment once every two weeks, while others need it once a week to look and feel good.

Remember not to scrub too hard – if you feel discomfort or pain, move on to another part of your foot, especially if you have a new file and haven’t yet developed a feel for the optimum pressure to gently scrub away dead skin.

Step-by-step home pedicure

First, try to soak your feet thoroughly – in water with salt and oil, keep them for about 20-30 minutes. After drying your feet, rub off the calloused skin from your heels. Then clean the nail plate with a non-acetone remover, push back and cuticles if necessary. Go on to scrub feet – massage them with a cosmetic of your choice for about 3-5 minutes

Rinse off the scrub, apply nail conditioner, foot moisturizer, and then your favorite nail polish color. Admittedly, a pedicure can take you about an hour, but remember that the well-being and aesthetic appearance of feet in sandals are worth it.

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