How to use essential oils at home?

How to use essential oils at home?
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Essential oils are making waves despite the fact that they are not a new discovery. There are more and more possibilities to use them. How to use them at home? We suggest.

Why is it worth using essential oils at home?

Essential oils are, first of all, a wide range of preparations created from various types of trees, bushes and minor plants which are obtained in the process of long-term distillation, extraction or squeezing. We are talking about preparations of natural origin, which are safe as long as they are used according to instructions and in the right amount. Their popularity is growing along with the progress of scientific research, which confirms the health-promoting properties of aromatherapy. Due to the fact that there is a large number of products in this category, their properties also vary. When choosing a particular essential oil, it is worth taking some time and learning about its effects

Essential oils in a bio fireplace

Bio-fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular in our homes. These devices, which in contrast to traditional fireplaces, do not need to have a pipe for exhaust fumes, are also completely safe even in a small apartment. The fire coming from burning liquid biofuel creates a wonderful atmosphere, which will add splendor to a candlelit dinner or a meeting with friends. Just add a few drops of essential oil to the fuel mixture and you will be surrounded by a pleasant scent

Purifying the air

The main purpose of essential oils is to improve air quality. You can use store-bought sprays for this. When you add a few drops of essential oil to water, you will get a mist that will spread throughout the interior of your home. We use, of course, such oil, whose scent gives us particular pleasure and puts us in a blissful state of relaxation. You can also spray a mixture of water and essential oil yourself using a bottle with an atomizer.

Essential oils in the fight against insomnia

The advantage of essential oils is also that they help us in the fight against various ailments. We are talking, among others, about insomnia, which is extremely troublesome. In the fight against this unpleasant ailment, lavender oil, chamomile oil or jasmine oil will do just fine. It is enough to sprinkle a cloth with the chosen oil and place it under the pillow. However, be careful not to soak it too strongly because you may get the opposite effect than intended.

Ensuring cleanliness in the house

Essential oils can be added to cleaning products and used during cleaning. It will be particularly beneficial if you use them, for example, when caring for floors. The disinfectant properties of lemon, peppermint or lavender oil are worth mentioning

Tea tree oil and the health of our pets

Some of the essential oils not only smell good but also help to take care of the well-being of your pets. We are talking about tea tree oil, which protects animals from fleas and ticks. It is used by dog and cat lovers, as well as ornamental bird breeders

Relaxation with essential oils in the bathroom

It happens that after a day of stress and efforts at work, we dream only of a warm, relaxing bath. Then it is worth using essential oils, which additionally relax us. A very interesting example of essential oil blend for the bath is a mixture of sandalwood, ginger and grapefruit oil. Remember, however, not to overdo the amount – just two or three drops

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