How to make felt ornaments yourself?

How to make felt ornaments yourself?
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Felt ornaments are simple to make. It’s easy to get any effect you want with little cost. Three-dimensional Christmas trees, hearts and baubles made of felt will wonderfully complement your home decorations for Christmas and beyond.

Advantages of felt decorations

Making ornaments from felt gives us a lot of satisfaction. Thanks to this we can spend time with loved ones in a creative way. What is valued for felt and why decorations made of this material are so fashionable?

Felt is cheap

Low price is an advantage of felt as a material for DIY works. In the online store, you can buy 10 sheets of material with dimensions of 20 by 30 cm already for 10-12 zł. This is a decorative felt with a thickness of 2 mm

We have different colors of felt available

In ready set for 10-12 zł we have felt in a rich palette of colors. If our goal is to make Christmas tree ornaments, then a better option will be to buy individual sheets of felt in specific colors. In this case, the best colors will be white, cherry, red and green

Felt is easy to process

Preparing ornaments from felt on your own has a big advantage over many DiY techniques. It does not require long practice and tedious learning. With scissors and a little patience, we can create very aesthetic items in a short time.

Felt ornaments are diverse

Just in the range of Christmas decorations we can prepare from felt baubles, bells, reindeer or birds. Flat and easy to cut material, however, can be used to make much more fanciful ornaments with unusual shapes. After all, no one will not forbid that on the Christmas tree in our house, instead of a reindeer, hung cartoon characters from your favorite cartoon made of felt

Felt decorations step by step

Christmas decorations made of felt

From this material you can make virtually all kinds of ornaments, which decorate your Christmas tree or nativity scene. So these can be flat stars or snowflakes, but also three-dimensional Christmas trees, which will look great on the desk or in the window. Those with a bit more talent can also make a representation of the Holy Family or a miniature nativity scene out of felt.

How to make a reindeer out of felt? Necessary tools

An animal which is inextricably linked with Christmas is the reindeer. You can make Santa’s brave helper out of felt. For this you will need

  • a reindeer template made of cardboard,
  • grey felt,
  • red fabric or ribbon,
  • marker,
  • scissors,
  • needle,
  • cordon or mouline for hemming the edges,
  • felt filler,
  • red and blue sequins.

Preparing the template

The template, which will allow you to give our reindeer the right shape, is best prepared from cardboard. You can look for inspiration on the Internet, but you can also make the shape of the ornament yourself

Decorating felt ornaments step by step

Making a reindeer from felt is not difficult. You just need to follow a few steps

  1. Trace both sides of the template on a sheet of gray-colored felt. On the red material you can trace in the same way the hearts, which will later decorate the felt animal.
  2. Cut out the traced shapes with sharp scissors.
  3. Sew a red sequin (nose) and a blue sequin (eye) on both parts of the reindeer. Decorate him in a similar way with fabric hearts.
  4. Sew both parts of the felt animal with a needle
  5. Put a soft filler inside the animal so that it becomes three-dimensional
  6. When the neck of the felt reindeer is fully decorated, tie a bow made of the material used to cut out hearts
  7. You can attach a tag to the bow so that the ornament can easily stay on the Christmas tree. Done!

How to store felt decorations?

Felt decorations prepared by yourself should be carefully sorted after taking the tree apart and put in the cupboard. It is important that they were not exposed to moisture. A good solution will be to close them in an airtight box.

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