What should not be poured down the sink?

What should not be poured down the sink?
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Your sink is clogged again and you need to call in the professionals? Check what to do and what to avoid in order to avoid such situation in the future.

It’s quite common to spill things in the kitchen sink while cooking, which leads to clogs, mess and additional, unnecessary costs. How to avoid this?

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What not to pour down the sink


Unfortunately, it is quite common for us to pour hot or already cooled fat from the pan into the sink. However, we have to remember that this is one of the main reasons for obstructions

Coffee and tea grounds

These seemingly small particles and leaves, very effectively clump together to form a stiff slurry in our pipes, which becomes a natural plug that causes blockages.

Leftovers from plates

Any meal leftovers that are on dirty plates are worth disposing of in the wet waste instead of washing them in the sink


These are foods that unfortunately end up in our drains quite often. Remains of rice or pasta rinsed under cold water in the pipes increase their volume, so when they settle in the pipes, they can effectively block further water flow


Quite often we forget that medicines that are found in the sewer drain will over time seep into the circulation and can poison drinking water or soil and lead to an ecological disaster.

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