How do I clean my roof windows?

How do I clean my roof windows?
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Roof windows provide a beautiful view of the sky at any time of the day or night. They also provide natural light in attics. However, keeping their glass clean is not an easy task. So how should I clean my roof window?

Cleaning low-pitched roof windows

For windows that allow easy access to the surface, open them and start cleaning from the outer frame since this is where most dirt accumulates. Warm water with liquid and a soft sponge will work best for this purpose. Then start cleaning the inner frame and finally, using glass cleaner, clean the outer and inner glass surface.

Cleaning high-pitched roof windows

In case of high roof windows, for example in a staircase, cleaning becomes much more complicated. In such a situation a ladder and a washing machine mounted on a telescopic pole with a squeegee will be necessary. These types of poles are usually made of aluminum, thanks to which they are light and rigid at the same time. They allow you to mount sponges, squeegees and other elements on their end. Thanks to them it is possible to clean windows at a very high height from the inside, and in the case of using a proper ladder also from the outside.

Another solution is to use pressure washers for windows, thanks to which standing on a ladder, you can clean the windows not only from the inside but also from the outside without unnecessary effort.

When to use the help of professionals?

However, the location of the window does not always allow for its independent cleaning. In this situation it is worth to reach for the help of professionals. Professional cleaning teams have special equipment, which allows you to easily clean this type of windows. It is worth using professionals’ help if you are afraid of heights and cleaning roof windows is very stressful for you. A few zlotys spent on their services is not worth it for your health.

Is it possible to avoid cleaning roof windows?

This question is on the minds of most roof window owners. To the surprise of most, the answer is yes. However, if you want to avoid cleaning your roof windows, you should think about this already at the installation stage. There are special self-cleaning models on the market.

Such windows are made of glass with a special coating that allows raindrops to spread evenly without creating stains and washing away dirt.

Alternatively, self-cleaning windows are also made of glass that will make two types of chemical reactions occur on its surface. The first one is responsible for decomposing dirt under the influence of daylight and the second one is responsible for its washing away during rainfall and quick evaporation of water from the pane.

Which roof windows are easiest to clean?

Among the many roof windows on the market there are pivot and top hung windows. It is the first type mentioned above that facilitates their subsequent cleaning. This is due to the fact that they allow you to tilt the window not only to the outside but also to the inside of the room.

It is worth remembering this before making a decision on the purchase of a roof window for your home or apartment.

To sum up – although cleaning roof windows is not an easy task, it can be done. You just need to have the right tools like a telescopic pole, ladder and squeegee to make the job go a lot smoother. Sometimes it is worth to leave them in the hands of professionals, not worrying about the dangers of cleaning them, sometimes at great heights.

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