How to make a heart on the wall from photos?

How to make a heart on the wall from photos?
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A heart-shaped photo collage is a great way to unfussyly decorate your wall and create a home photo gallery. How can you make a heart-shaped gallery?

Photo gallery as a way to make an interesting wall decoration

A home gallery is a great way to create an interesting wall decoration. Souvenir photos give the interior a unique character and coziness, while evoking fond memories.

Creating a home gallery is not a laborious task, but it is worth to plan it very well and choose those photos which bring back the nicest memories.

A heart made of photos glued directly to the wall

A photo heart can be made in any size but the best look on the wall is a large one (thanks to that you can make a very interesting collage of your most beautiful moments). Such a heart takes up an area of 1,7 by 1,5 m and can hold 59 photos in 10×15 cm format.

To make such a heart you will need:

  • a piece of wall,
  • a tape measure,
  • scissors,
  • a pencil,
  • rubber for gluing pictures,
  • photographs: 42 vertical and 17 horizontal.

Method of making:

Using a yardstick and a pencil, mark a spot on the wall where the pictures that form a heart shape will be located. The photos should be glued from the bottom. At the very bottom, in the middle of the marked area, stick one horizontal photo. In the second row, glue two horizontal photos. In the third row, there are three horizontal photos

In the fourth row, glue five but vertical photos. In the fifth row, repeat the number and orientation. In the next sixth row there are six horizontal pictures. In the seventh row there are seven horizontal pictures

In the next, eighth row, glue eleven vertical photos. In the ninth row, there are eight horizontal pictures. In the tenth row, three horizontal photos should be glued to the left and right of each other, above them in the eleventh row there should be two horizontal photos.

Thegap between the photos should be about 1 cm, so they will look very well. While sticking the photos to the wall it is worth to do it from the inside to the outside, thanks to this it is easier to keep the proportions of the heart.

Thanks to sticking photos on the rubber you can quickly and easily correct any mistakes. Rubber is a great solution because it does not stain the walls, but sticks to them strongly enough that the photos will not fall off.

A heart of photos enclosed in a frame

If you don’t want to glue the photos directly to the wall, then an alternative is to make a heart from photos in a frame. To make such a heart you will need:

  • a frame,
  • square photos,
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • pencil.

How to make:

Cut a heart-shaped template to the dimensions of the frame. This makes it much easier to stick the photos. Then stick the photos in any order you like. The template with the photos just needs to be inserted into the frame – and you’re done.

Source of photo: Designed by Freepik

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