How to prolong the freshness of cut flowers?

How to prolong the freshness of cut flowers?
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Fresh, fragrant flowers are the perfect way to easily liven up our living room or dining room. Cut bouquets are a wonderful decoration but unfortunately they do not last long. How to take care that flowers bought for us stay green and beautiful for a long time?

Even if flowers are placed in a sunny place and given enough water, their lifespan is limited. Some flowers will be a decoration for a longer time, others will look unsightly after only 2-3 days. How to take care of flowers to enjoy their beauty for a long time?

Cut flowers – care

The key to keeping fresh cut flowers in a vase is their proper care. It is extremely important to observe the bouquet every day and react appropriately to any problems. The first action we should take to prolong the life and beautiful appearance of flowers is to trim the stems. This must be done in the right way, namely, the stems should be cut at an angle and not straight ahead. This will enable them to better absorb water from the vase and prevent the rotting process. You should also cut the stems when the air is slightly cooler, i.e. in the morning or evening. This way the plants lose less of their moisture, which is very important in keeping them vital and fresh

Another aspect that will help you enjoy a beautiful bouquet longer, is to take care of the most important factor for flowers, namely hydration. Cut flowers must stand in a vase or jar filled with water. The liquid must not be stale, so you should change the water in the vessel every 2 days, thoroughly washing the vase. Do not put flowers in hot water or water that is too cold. It must be at room temperature

It is also important to make sure that only the stems are submerged in the water. Leaves and flower buds that look unsightly because they are beginning to wither should be cut from the bouquet. Flowers that we remove can be used later, for example, by adding them to the bath or prepare an aromatic room freshener

Where to put flowers to prolong their freshness?

Receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers as a gift or buying it at a flower market, we need to properly choose the place where we put the vase with our bouquet. The flowers should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It should be a place not too far from a window, not too hot and away from the front door, because the breeze from outside may not be conducive to the condition of flowers

Ways to keep cut flowers fresh longer

Fresh flowers in the home are undoubtedly a beautiful addition and decoration. Blooming buds and floral fragrance will add charm to any interior. It is worth to take proper care of a bouquet to make it last as long as possible. What is worth using? Certainly home fertilizers for flowers

Home fertilizers for flowers

Independently, with a little effort you can prepare fertilizers, which added to the water in which the flowers stand, will extend their freshness. Of course, you can always buy ready-made flower nutrients in the store – they are available in larger florists and markets. However, preparing homemade fertiliser is so easy and does not take much time that it is worth trying

The first recipe for homemade cut flower nutrient is a combination of water, sugar and apple cider vinegar. Such a concoction is poured into a vase, where the stems of the bouquet are soaked. Sugar has nutritional properties, thanks to it plants can take additional substances from the water, which help them to maintain a longer life. The combination of water and sugar alone is an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi, so it is essential to have vinegar at home, which thanks to its acidic reaction will protect the plant from unfavorable microorganisms.

Another way is to add aspirin to the water in the vase. This uncommon way will help stop the growth of dirt and bacteria in the water, which shorten the freshness of flowers. Simply grind half an aspirin tablet in a mortar to a powder, then pour it into a glass of water and mix. The concoction should be poured into a vase

Bleach has similar properties, so it too can be the basis of our homemade fertilizer for cut flowers. However, remember to add only a few drops of bleach even to a large bouquet.

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