How to take care of air conditioning?

How to take care of air conditioning?
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Air conditioning maintenance should be key if you want it to last and be energy efficient. Just everyday simple tasks like a simple cleaning will make the air quality in your home much better.

Schedule your annual maintenance in the spring

It’s important to invest in annual maintenance before the hot weather arrives. Most companies offer tune-up services to keep your system running at optimal energy efficiency. There is an air conditioning service Silesia, Wielkopolska or Mazovia available in every region – you’re sure to find the help you need

The tune-up will include tightening all electrical connections, lubricating fans and cleaning the system. The technician will check the coolant levels and be able to diagnose more serious issues that sometimes arise after years of use, such as refrigerant leaks, and then repair the damage to restore a functioning air conditioner. Just as tuning up your car improves fuel economy, tuning up your air conditioner will make it more energy efficient and preventively help avoid serious breakdowns

In addition to a functioning air conditioner, it’s worth investing in efficient air fresheners to make the air even more pleasant. You can make your purchase at

Replace the air filter

Your air conditioner circulates air through your home at regular intervals. After sending cool air into the living areas, it collects old air and sends it back through the system

Before the air returns to the air handler, it passes through an air filter, which traps particulates that pollute the air and can damage the system. When the air filter fills with allergens and dust, it becomes clogged, which restricts airflow to the service unit and causes strain and inefficient operation of the system. Extend the life of your air conditioner and keep its energy efficiency at peak performance levels by changing the air filter regularly. Make sure you also choose the right air filter for your home. Your air conditioner can also develop fungus, so get the right fungus control products at

Clean the return air ducts

In addition to replacing the filter, you should also take the time to clean the return air ducts. Duct covers that are clogged with lint, dust, and dirt block airflow and force your system to work harder, shortening its life and reducing its efficiency. Vacuum these ducts every time you clean a room to ensure adequate airflow reaching your HVAC unit.

Check your air conditioner’s pipe insulation

Torn or disintegrating insulation can affect your air conditioner’s cooling power. Check the insulation covering your pipes every summer and replace it if necessary to keep your air conditioner running efficiently. You can easily remove the old insulation and replace it with new materials yourself.

Pay attention to ductwork

Even ducts in new homes can be dirty, as construction debris and the like naturally accumulate in them. If rodents or other pests have visited your home, the ducts may also be covered with a layer of droppings and breeding materials. When your air conditioner turns on, the fine particles float into your home and reduce your indoor air quality. They also drift back through the air conditioning system on the return air side and begin to impede air flow. Have your ducts professionally cleaned if necessary to improve indoor air quality and make your system more energy efficient.

In addition to being dirty, ducts can also be leaky. Loose connections or damaged sections of ductwork can allow purified air to escape to other areas of your home, which can seriously hurt your energy efficiency. Leaks that occur can be patched with aluminum foil tape, but leaks deep within the system may need to be professionally sealed with special equipment. You can wrap accessible ducts with insulation to increase ductwork efficiency.

Conduct a wiring inspection

Another way to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency is to inspect your condensing unit’s wiring for signs of overheating or wear. Remember to turn off the air conditioner before you begin. If you see burned, frayed or damaged wires, call a professional to repair the damage.

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