Home Remedies for Ants in the Garden

Home Remedies for Ants in the Garden
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Although ants are generally considered to be beneficial creatures, their presence in gardens is not always desirable. All due to the fact that they can cause havoc in it, thus contributing to the death of plants and the deterioration of the soil. In this case, what to do to get rid of them? Here are 5 proven home remedies for ants in the garden

Why should you get rid of ants from your garden?

Before we go into how to get rid of ants from your garden effectively, it’s worth knowing why you should do it in the first place. Ants are ubiquitous creatures that mainly feed on vegetation, although sometimes other insects also fall prey to them. Although they may seem like pleasant and harmless creatures, they can contribute to gardens

  • destroying the roots and rhizomes of plants, thus causing them to die,
  • damaging flower buds and fruit buds,
  • damage to the lawn,
  • deterioration of soil quality

Therefore, when you notice large numbers of ants in your garden causing damage that is visible to the naked eye, it is time to take action to get rid of them once and for all

5 ways to get rid of ants in your garden

The methods presented below are based purely on natural methods that do not cause damage to your garden. Therefore, you should start your battle against ants with these

  1. Honey trap

The first way to get rid of ants from your garden is to prepare a honey trap. Place a plate of honey where ants are most abundant. Ants love this delicacy, but as soon as they enter the plate, they sink into its thick consistency and cannot get out. Such traps are worth setting up in several places to attract as many ants as possible

  1. Corn flour

Another method to get rid of ants is to scatter corn flour in their feeding areas.

  1. Cinnamon barrier

Cinnamon is one of the spices that ants cannot tolerate, so if you notice that ants are particularly fond of a plant, sprinkle cinnamon on it to create an invisible barrier for them. You can do the same when ants enter a greenhouse or a plastic wrap. Just sprinkle the entrance to these places with cinnamon to get rid of the unwanted guests once and for all

  1. Quick anthill relocation

Another way to get rid of ants from your garden is to place a bucket of sawdust near their anthill. After a while, the insects will move their anthill to this bucket so that they can be carried away with the bucket away from the garden to a place where they can live without harming anyone

  1. An infusion of garlic and nettles

The last way is to prepare an infusion of garlic and nettle, which should stand for about 2 days in a dark place. After this time, it should be poured on ants, which do not like either of these plants because of their smell and essential oils

Why ants on plants?

Despite the fact that ants can do a lot of damage in the garden, sometimes their presence especially on plants becomes an important signal to look at the vegetation in question. This is because if you see ants on the stems and leaves of a plant, there is a good chance that it has been infested by an aphid. This is because the sweet substance produced by aphids attracts ants, so sometimes it is worth spraying for aphids instead of fighting them

The methods presented above, although they are mainly based on natural methods, are very effective against ants. However, the use of chemical preparations for this purpose is not recommended, especially if pets and children use the green areas every day. These types of preparations can also poison beneficial bees

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