What is the bokeh effect on a smartphone camera?

What is the bokeh effect on a smartphone camera?
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Bokeh is one of the more popular effects in photography. This effect is mainly used to make photos more attractive. What is the bokeh effect? How can it be achieved on a smartphone?

What is the bokeh effect?

The bokeh effect is called a background where the background objects are blurred. Until a few years ago it was only used by professional photographers. It is achieved by an appropriate angle of incidence of light or by keeping an appropriate distance from the subject. The development of technology has made it possible to achieve this effect using a smartphone.

The bokeh effect is very popular and used by professionals and amateurs. Its popularity can be seen, among others, in social media. There is nothing strange about it, photos with the bokeh effect look very visually appealing – they focus attention on the most important details of the photo. Anyone can achieve this effect with their smartphone.

What should you know about the bokeh effect?

For many people, bokeh is a mysterious word derived from the Japanese word boke meaning blur. It is one of the more popular procedures in photography to achieve a blurred background behind the main subject. It makes the photograph three-dimensional and the main subject accentuated with the finest details.

How to make the bokeh effect?

Background blur looks very effective in a photo. You can achieve it with a DSLR camera with a fixed-focal-length lens. Buying such equipment is a big expense, so it is invested in by people who are permanently engaged in photography. You can also get a blur effect on your phone.

If you want to get the bokeh effect in the photos from your phone, then it is advisable to use portrait photos. This is the easiest way to get the blur effect. The camera focuses on the people in the photograph. For better results, you can photograph subjects close up.

If you want your photos to have a bokeh effect, then you can use a free app. This allows you to take photos with a blurred background if your phone doesn’t have such a theme. The app works like a filter, so you can also make the blur effect on a previously taken photo.

On sale, you can find phone models that are made for taking perfect photos. Such smartphones are equipped with several cameras and special software that allows you to get the bokeh effect.

Main photo: Samuel-Elias Nadler/unsplash.com

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