What to buy for a new bathroom?

What to buy for a new bathroom?
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Are you decorating your new bathroom and wondering what, besides the sink, toilet and bathtub or shower, you should put in it to make it a functional and comfortable place? Our list of 6 must-haves for your new bathroom will help you decide.

Cabinets and other furniture

Furniture is undoubtedly the basic equipment of the bathroom. The most important thing is to have plenty of shelves and cupboards to store your toiletries and towels. But if you choose well-chosen bathroom furniture, it can also completely change your interior, giving it an elegant character. A great solution, for example, will be suspended furniture, which will save a lot of space on the ground and make the area seem larger. And if you want to optically enlarge the room even more, choose furniture with a simple, solid shape, high-gloss finish and lots of mirrors.

Bathroom mixers

Bathroommixers are a must-have piece of equipment. When decorating a new bathroom, you’ll mainly need basin mixers and shower or bathtub mixers. Ideally, they should be similar and match with each other. You should also pay attention to the material and workmanship of the faucets so that they are easy to keep clean. Concealed faucets will also be a good option.

Bathroom rugs and towels

A soft rug is an absolute must-have in any bathroom. They’re a great addition to make the bathroom feel cosier. They’re perfect for the bath or shower. There’s nothing nicer than getting out of the water on a warm, soft rug. Unless you want to wrap yourself in an equally warm and soft towel. If you choose towels that match your bathroom decor and hang them near your sink and bathtub, for example, they’ll add a nice touch.

Soap dish and toothbrush mug

Another indispensable item on our list is a soap dish or a soap dispenser if you prefer liquid soap. When matched with a toothbrush cup, they will become a decoration of your washbasin. You can also mix and match them with other bath accessories. When it comes to small bath accessories, you can go wild with colors and shapes. With vibrant and varied colors and interesting and unusual shapes, you can give your bathroom a unique character.

Washbasin, waste basket and toilet brush

A linen closet is also an essential piece of bathroom furniture. You can choose a laundry basket made of fabric or wicker, for example, or opt for one made of plastic and combine it with another indispensable piece of bathroom furniture, a waste basket and a toilet brush. These accessories will look very impressive if they are kept in one color and shape.


Good lighting will make your bathroom sparkle. The most important are certainly the lamps at the sink and the ones on the ceiling. A good choice is to use light that looks as natural as possible to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. If you want to make your space seem more spacious, you can opt for diffused light. A suspended ceiling and backlighting of furniture or the bathtub is a great solution here.

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