TOP 10 spring bulb flowers

TOP 10 spring bulb flowers
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We associate spring with colorful flowers. The flowers of bulbs are great on the balcony, at home or in the garden. Check which spring bulbs are worth having in your home in spring

When can the first bulbs be planted?

First come ranunculus and snowdrops – these bloom as early as February. To enjoy their beautiful flowers, it is advisable to plant them in September or October. Other early bloomers are bulbs, tulips and crocuses which can be seen at the beginning of March. In April, the ankle chequerwort blooms, and only in June can you see the flowers of the hermit bean

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TOP 10 best bulb flowers for spring

  1. Ponnacle, crinnia or krine

This flower is mainly found in Africa and also in Southeast Asia. It is distinguished by beautiful flowers and large bulbs up to 20 cm in diameter. The flowers are borne in beautiful umbels that spread flat or bend upwards. The flower is not very tall – it grows to about 15 cm in height so it is also suitable for pots on the balcony. However, there are species of Krinna which grow up to 3 metres high! This plant is quite rare in Poland, but it is distinguished by beautiful flowers with six petals and an unusual fragrance. It is not suitable for homes with children or pets. It contains toxins – alkaloids, which can cause skin irritation.

  1. Snowflake glossy

This plant belongs to the asparagus family and is native to Turkey. It grows in mountainous areas, which makes it resistant to low temperatures. The not very tall flowers grow to a maximum height of 14 centimeters. The rather thin stems end in a beautiful inflorescence with 2 or 3 loosely arranged flowers. They have a beautiful blue shade. It blooms in March or April. It grows best in partial shade or in the sun. The soil should be well drained with sand or clay. What is important, it doesn’t require frequent watering.

  1. Doubtful spleenwort

This is another plant originating from Africa and Asia, from the asparagus family. It is unique for its beautiful flowering in the form of a cluster. The long inflorescences look great and the snowdrop itself can grow up to 70 cm tall. It has a thick stem and glossy, succulent leaves that are very decorative. This flower doesn’t tolerate frost well, so when planting it in the garden you should store the bulbs until spring in a warmer room with good ventilation. It can bloom in winter but the flowers usually appear from July to September.

  1. Narcissus

Narcissus blends in wonderfully with other bulb flowers. They grow from 10 to 60 cm. They have beautiful yellow-orange flowers. There are many varieties of narcissus. Their flowering begins from March to June. Narcissus look great in cut bouquets. However, be aware that they have a poisonous sap that can harm other plants in the vase. Before you decide to combine it with other flowers, it is best to put it in lukewarm water for 24 hours and then replace it with fresh water.

  1. Winter larkspur

This is a low-growing flower – it grows to a maximum height of 10 cm. It likes cool and semi-shaded places, so it won’t do well on a sunny balcony. You can grow it in a pot at home. Unfortunately it’s a plant very sensitive to high temperatures, so it will feel much better outside. It blooms in April and it makes a wonderful composition in beds with snowdrops. It has beautiful yellow flowers.

  1. Low scythe

This is a low-growing flower, no more than 30 cm high. It doesn’t like wet soil so it is advisable to use permeable and fertile soil. It grows faster on semi-shaded and sunny positions. It has got saber shaped, grayish green leaves and a very interesting inflorescence. It blooms in early spring and is quite resistant to low temperatures.

  1. Bear Garlic

It is sure to impress you with its delicate white flowers, arranged in the shape of balls. This plant likes shady places and is extremely drought tolerant. During prolonged droughts it is advisable to water it with a small amount of water. It prefers fertile and permeable soils. It blooms in April and May.

  1. Tulip of Kaufmann

It is an unusual tulip belonging to botanical tulips. After blooming it is worth to remove dead parts of the plant in order to accumulate nutrients in the bulb. In this way we can expect another blooming sooner. This flower is frost resistant, but if there is a lot of snow it is worth covering the bulbs with compost or reeds. They have short stems, so they look better in flower beds. They bloom in late March and early April

  1. Summer Hyacinth

It has white, bell-shaped flowers and quite long stems. It blooms from July to August, but with proper sunlight the flowers can appear a little earlier. It grows well in humus and fertile soil. Avoid planting it in waterlogged soil, because the onion can rot. It is worth to fertilize it just before and during blooming.

  1. Ifejon

This perennial grows to a maximum height of 15 cm. The flowers are star shaped. Despite its delicate flowers it can withstand frosts even down to -15 degrees Celsius. Plant it in autumn and you will see the first flowers already in April.

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