The oven does not work – what should I do? What is broken?

The oven does not work – what should I do? What is broken?
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Oven is one of the most important household appliances in the kitchen, it is the one where you can prepare tasty dishes and bake something delicious. Malfunction of this equipment can cause a lot of trouble. Why does the oven does not work and what can be done in such a situation?

Installation failure

Before you call a home appliance repairman to your house, then make sure that the cause of the malfunction is not a lack of electricity or a failure of the electrical network at home. The first thing you should do is check if the fuses in your home have been knocked out or if there is a short circuit. If turning on the oven causes the fuses to blow, then get an electrician or appliance repairman to help.

The power cord has been damaged

If the power cord has been damaged or crushed by heavy objects, this could be the cause of the oven failure. If the oven won’t turn on at all, you should check whether the cable has become unraveled or damaged. It is also worth checking the condition of the plug

Defective heater

Heaters perform the most important function in the entire oven. To be able to check them, it is necessary to remove them and then check the continuity of the circuit with a multimeter. If you don’t have a multimeter, then you can do this with a simple home meter. If there is no circuit continuity, then there is most likely a blown heater that needs to be replaced

There are three heaters in the oven: the top heater, the bottom heater, and the one from the thermoblock. If any of them is damaged, the oven may malfunction or not heat at all

Defective oven function switch

The function switch, or selector, is used to select heating options. If the switch is not working, then it is not possible to start the oven at all. The most common cause of this failure is burned out tracks or loose connectors that link the function switches

Burnt thermostat in the oven

The thermostat monitors the temperature in the oven. If it fails, the oven will not respond properly to the selected temperature. To test for thermostat failure at home, then purchase a free-standing gingerbread thermometer and set the oven to whatever temperature you want. If the temperature on the thermometer does not match the temperature on the thermostat, then it has failed and the help of a service technician is needed

Short circuit in the control module

During a short circuit in the control model, a capacitor or other part of the module may have failed. In control models with touch panels, it is most common for the diodes to burn out, so there is no response when you press the panel. If the module is not working, the oven will not turn on. Then it is necessary to visit a service technician.

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Faulty clock

If the oven timer is not working, then most often it is not possible to start the oven. If the clock has been reset due to a power failure, then the oven may not turn on until the correct time is set. If the timer is not working at all, then the contacts may have burned out and a service technician will need to visit.

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