Table arrangement for a garden party – 4 inspirations

Table arrangement for a garden party – 4 inspirations
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Warm days have already arrived, which encourage us to go outside. It is in the gardens that we most like to spend time on hot days and it is there that all kinds of social gatherings and parties will quite often take place. How to arrange the table? Here are 4 suggestions, which in our opinion deserve your attention!

Airy and white

Cover the table with white, lace tablecloth. It will play the first fiddle. Add to it light beige runners and use white plates. White candles and flowers can complete the look. Hydrangeas in pots are perfect for this.

Nature and simplicity

If you have a wooden table, you are already halfway there. You can cover it with a jute runner. Put small field flowers in small vases. Add white tableware and you’re set!

Geometry and color

On the table place a table runner with geometric patterns: stripes, lines or checks in subdued colors, preferably black and white. Fill vases with a spectrum of colors contained in flowers. Add crystal glasses, white tableware and rather elegant cutlery.

The power of light

Place a tablecloth or runner on the table. Arrange the plates and cutlery on it. Fill the whole arrangement with light from lanterns or candles standing solo or on candlesticks. Put a garland of lights above the table, which will create a unique atmosphere and provide illumination, so that you can enjoy yourself until late at night.

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