Roller blinds – a practical substitute for curtains

Roller blinds – a practical substitute for curtains
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Roller blinds are installed in windows more and more often. What makes them so popular, where do they work well and how to choose them? We suggest!

Pleats and roller blinds are distinguished by functionality combined with fashionable and interesting design. Such a combination makes that they can successfully replace curtains in the kitchen, living room or bedroom. They give the possibility to precisely cover the window and provide various regulation of light access to the room.

What is the advantage of roller blinds?

First of all, it is easy to install and remove. There are models which only need to be hung on special hooks mounted on the window frame. They are also easy to clean – just wipe them with a damp cloth. There is no need to remove them from the window and add special cleaning agents. Sometimes you can also gently “run” a soft vacuum cleaner tip over them. Moreover, they can be fitted to almost any window, even balcony or attic ones. The wide range of available models makes it easy to match the right kind to both minimalist, classic and modern interiors. They stop the sun’s rays much better than curtains and drapes. You can also regulate the access of light to the room faster.

Internal roller blinds can be divided into, among others:

  • day-night
  • mini roller blinds
  • pleats
  • cassette

Each of the above types has a different function. Day-night roller blinds work best in the bedroom, while pleated ones – in the living room.

Another advantage in favour of roller blinds is that they definitely provide a better feeling of intimacy in the house, protecting against stares from outside. They also look more attractive in windows of untypical size or shape – not in every window there is a possibility to install e.g. a curtain rod for curtains or drapes, and thanks to roller blinds also in such windows you have the possibility to regulate the light.

Thanks to roller blinds the interiors seem to be much more spacious than those where curtains are hung. This is very important in case of small apartments. Appropriately selected color and type will make the roller blind blend in perfectly with the interior decor.

This is what you should be guided by when choosing

Before the purchase carefully measure the window. If the windows have non-standard dimensions there is a possibility of making custom-made roller blinds. Each type of roller blind requires a different measurement method. The models differ e.g. in the distance from the window frame, length, width of the cassette (in case of cassette roller blinds).

Window blinds differ in the material they are made of, size and color. When choosing the color, it is best that the roller blind has a different color than the walls. For interiors decorated in white, for example, models with a darker color will fit. There are also roller blinds with checkered, striped or floral patterns. When buying, pay attention to what material they are made of. They are offered in linen, cotton, artificial fabrics and even silk

The choice should be dictated not only by personal preferences, but also by the expectations we have from the roller blinds. If we care about almost complete darkening of the interior, it is better to buy a roller blind made of thicker material. In rooms with a window from the south, it is better to install roller blinds reflecting light – thanks to this the interior will not heat up very much.

Internal roller blinds are a solution worth implementing in your home. They are not expensive, can be easily installed and quickly cleaned. Large selection of types makes them not only functional but also an aesthetic element of any interior, regardless of its size.

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