At how many degrees should I wash baby clothes?

At how many degrees should I wash baby clothes?
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Washing baby clothes raises many dilemmas – how to do it, what detergents to use, at what temperature to wash them?

Baby’s skin is much more sensitive than an adult’s. Therefore, clothes for babies are made of delicate materials. At what temperature should they be washed, not only to remove dirt, but also to effectively get rid of bacteria?

For the first washing of new baby clothes it is best to set the temperature to 90 degrees Celsius and additional rinsing. For every next wash the temperature of 60 degrees C is enough – at such temperature of water dangerous bacteria, mites and fungi are removed.

On the other hand, for washing tetras and flannel diapers, which get particularly dirty, we always set the temperature at 90 C

Every time you wash infant clothes you should use special powders for washing baby clothes.

Photo source: Photo by: Peter Oslanec / Unsplash

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