How to choose the right lighting for different interiors?

How to choose the right lighting for different interiors?
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Choosing the right lighting can be a problem for some. Lamps should be matched to the style of a particular interior, and each room in the house or apartment should have lighting that matches its character. We suggest what to pay attention to when choosing lamps for different interiors.

Living room lighting

Choosing the right lighting for the living room gives you the most possibilities. The living room is the heart of the house and it is where most of the time we spend most of our time, that is why it is worth to think well about the light installed in it.

The living room is primarily a place of rest, so it requires lighting that will work well in any situation. In the central point of the room, on the ceiling, it is worth to install large, hanging lamps. They will be the basic source of light. Additional lighting can be provided by floor lamps, which emit light upwards, thanks to which you can get the effect of a delicate glow.

In the living room you should also consider installing wall lamps. LED strips will also be interesting, which will allow you to illuminate specific elements of the decor, for example paintings or bookshelves. You can find a large selection of living room lamps that will suit any style of interior at

Kitchen and dining room lighting

In the kitchen it is necessary to have functional lighting, which will work best where meals are usually prepared. It is worth installing spotlights in the ceiling, directly above the worktop or under wall cabinets. This will allow to illuminate specific places. Often single halogen lamps or those mounted on a belt are a solution of choice. It’s also worth equipping the stove and the sink with spotlights.

The main lighting in a kitchen is best placed in the middle of the room. However, you can bet on a more original arrangement and hang a few lamps next to each other over the table or the kitchen island.

When choosing kitchen lighting, it is worth remembering that proper installation of lamps divides the interior into a working and dining zone. At you can find pendant lamps that are perfect for the dining room.

Bathroom lighting

When choosing lighting for the bathroom, it is worth adjusting it to its size and whether it has access to natural light. Most often in a bathroom a large lamp is installed in the middle of the ceiling or a few smaller ones, symmetrically placed on the ceiling. It is important that the lighting was matched to the interior design. In bathrooms with a simple decor, you can install lamps in a slightly more ornate style, but in those in which the finish and fittings themselves are expressive, it is better not to put on too ornate style of lighting.

In the bathroom it is also worth taking care of the lighting of the mirror. A good solution is to place additional lighting on its sides and above it.

Hallway lighting

In the anteroom there is often no access to natural light, so it is worth taking care of good lighting of this room. Wall lamps or wall sconces are most often chosen here. The latter ones are good especially in case of smaller anterooms. The lamp should be matched with the rest of the interior, that is with the furniture and the finish. Interesting wall lamps and ceiling lamps can be found at

Bedroom lighting

In the bedroom, it is more and more common to give up ceiling lighting and rely on a combination of floor lamps, bedside lamps and wall lamps. If someone spends time in the bedroom, reading, it is worth to use wall lamps mounted by the bed frame.

In the bedroom it is useful to be able to adjust the intensity of the light. This allows us to adjust the light to the needs at any time of the day.

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