Small apartment

Small apartment
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Furnishing a small apartment is a challenge that requires meticulous search for suitable furniture, so that everything fits us and is practical.

1. Living room sofas with sleeping function

2. Modern sofas, comfortable sofas

3. Closets to the hall

4. Original accessories – sofas, couches

Living room sofas with sleeping function

Livingroom sofas with a sleeping function are one of the best solutions when you are short of space and need to accommodate everyone and, above all, get some sleep. So it is better to focus your attention while browsing fashionable sofas, looking at comfortable sofas, which do not lack sleeping function. In Meblini store you will find sofas, folding sofas or sofas in Scandinavian style. A wide assortment of the store will allow us to have a living room as a bedroom as well as a guest room.

Modern sofas, comfortable sofas

A sofa in a small apartment, especially placed in the living room, must not only fulfill the function of sleeping, but also resting, where we will be able to receive guests. Of course, we can buy modern sofas without the possibility of unfolding, but this should be well analyzed. In small apartments, you should follow the principle – “Less and more”, or “The less the better”. Children in their room can successfully have a half couch, which after folding will change the character of the interior, from a bedroom to a playroom.

Closets for the hallway

A closet for thehall is also a solution for small apartments, and not only for storing outer clothing. Closets are constructed in such a way that we can successfully add another the same, and then we will gain additional space for clothing, underwear, bed linen, towels, etc. In our small apartment, selected products with simplicity and functionality, which will allow us to arrange light rooms, without heaviness in appearance, will look better

Unusual additions – sofas, couches

To make a small interior look spacious, it is necessary to take care of harmony and order. Sofas, sofas can be supplemented with backrest cushions. When buying trinkets, do not exaggerate with their quantity. Buy an original lamp, upholster the cushions with unusual material, so that the room acquires an original climate. If the colors of the walls are subdued, we can play with colors, and accessories can be changed, as our imagination will dictate.

Even in a small apartment we can have comfort and convenience, and the available furniture models from the Meblini store are a perfect idea. Individual approach to your living room, bedroom and other rooms will allow you to arrange them so that they are comfortable and practical.

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