Should the chairs be the color of the table?

Should the chairs be the color of the table?
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Are you in the process of arranging your apartment and don’t know what color to choose for the table and chairs? This is quite a problem, especially for people who are not familiar with interior design and cannot visualize the final effect. We suggest whether the chairs should be in the color of the table.

Chairs in the color of the table – for whom such a solution is appropriate?

First of all, it is worth answering the question in what style you want to decorate your apartment. You do not have to answer this specifically, so as not to close yourself exclusively to one type of decoration or fabric. However, it is worth knowing what you expect from the interior, in what shades you feel best and what kind of final effect you want to achieve. Industrial style is a more austere interior, which you can break with curtains, blankets and pillows. Scandinavian, on the other hand, reigns in Polish interiors, although more and more often we want to feel like on a permanent vacation in our homes, so we choose rustic and boho. For lovers of luxury and elegance, glamour style will be more suitable.

Besides, you can choose yourself a few main shades, which you will use when decorating the interior, for example, a base of gray and white, and to introduce color accents in the form of bright yellow. This type of distinctive color can be introduced as an additional one, for example in the form of fabrics, which you will change seasonally and thus refresh the interior.

Coming back to the main topic, that is a dining room or a dining corner in a living room, chairs in the color of a table are a safe solution. You can decide on them when you are not comfortable with combining colors and materials. It will look coherent and aesthetically pleasing

Should the chairs be in the color of the table? They do not have to, but they can. Nothing prevents you from making a more avant-garde arrangement and bet, for example, on 5 chairs in subdued shades, matching the table and 1 chair in a completely different color.

Choose the color of the table and chairs the easy way!

Do you want to arrange your dining room in such a way as to make it cozy and functional? Do you also want it to look aesthetically pleasing? We will tell you how to do it:

  • choose a chair color that also matches the other shades used in the interior,
  • get inspired by photos on the Internet,
  • look at inspirations in interior stores and furniture stores, so something will surely catch your eye,
  • if the table is e.g. wooden, use the same accent in chairs, e.g. as legs.

Check out our inspirations, i.e. combination of wood with black, white with grey, brown with bottle green or

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