Buying a blanket – what is important in choosing one?

Buying a blanket – what is important in choosing one?
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Autumn and winter is the time when a soft and pleasant blanket is extremely useful. It helps to effectively protect against the cold, but can also be an interesting decorative element. It is worth to pay attention to the following issues, in order to choose an ideal cover for evenings spent with a cup of tea

Appropriate dimensions

An important issue when choosing a blanket is, of course, its dimensions. Such items can be used in various ways, so it’s worth adjusting them to your preferences and purpose. Some people want to cover themselves with it when relaxing in an armchair, while others need it when sleeping. If it is meant to cover a sofa in a living room, it is worth choosing a slightly larger model. This is when decorative bedspreads are usually chosen

If the blanket is to be used by two people, for example in a bedroom, it also has to be the right size. You may then choose one of 200 × 220 cm. However, it is best to match it to the specific dimensions of the bed. For the single ones, the most common models are 140 × 200 cm and 150 and 160 × 200 cm. These are the standard and most universal sizes that you will encounter in most stores. Pay special attention to the size when buying a blanket for a child. Then it will have to be much smaller

Pleasant material

The most important task when buying a blanket is to choose the right, pleasant material. This is a complex issue, because the offer in many places is really huge. For example, we distinguish blankets made of wool. It is worth buying one that has an admixture of, for example, acrylic. It is very important that it does not exceed 20 percent. Then the blanket will be more pleasant and will not be oppressively biting. If the wool is of good quality, then it warms during the colder temperatures, and additionally lets the air through and absorbs moisture

A luxurious choice is cashmere. It is extremely velvety, resilient and breathable. Cotton blankets are a versatile option. It is a natural material, so it is a good choice. Unfortunately a big disadvantage is that it creases easily, and besides it is relatively heavy. Fleece blankets are also very popular. They have many advantages, among others they insulate heat well. Microfiber is a relatively new material that is loved by many people. It is said to be ideal for allergy sufferers. Such blankets can be taken anywhere with you because of their light weight

Blanket weight and favorite color

When choosing a blanket, also consider its weight. The higher it is, the warmer and more fleshy it will be. Keep in mind, however, that this also affects its heaviness. This option will not be suitable for everyone. Good quality blankets can be found in the internet store: You have many versions available there, for example microfiber, flannel, acrylic or furry ones. In addition to the things mentioned above, choose your favorite color when buying. You can match it, for example, to the color scheme of the interior in which it will be placed. After all, blankets can be an interesting addition, which will give a unique character

Sometimes they can have only decorative function. Currently, both intensive and pastel colors are popular. We recommend for example bottle green, honey, turquoise and from among softer colors – powder pink and beige. If you suffer from allergies, you may be interested in materials that are dyed with natural ingredients. Then it will be definitely a safer option. Chemical dyes, unfortunately, can often cause allergies

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