What is the drawer under the oven used for?

What is the drawer under the oven used for?
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In many online forums, you will come across the question: what is the drawer under the oven used for? The most common answer is: storing cookbooks or baking sheets. Not many people know that the purpose of the drawer under the oven is completely different.

The drawer as the hidden secret of every kitchen

In the drawer under the oven, you can often find many interesting items such as:

  • cookbooks,
  • baking trays,
  • instruction manuals,
  • dry bread.

What exactly will be placed in it depends on our imagination and the size of the drawer. Manufacturers assume that the purpose of an under-oven drawer is different.

Purpose of an under-oven drawer according to the manufacturers

Manufacturers consider such a drawer as a warming drawer – that is, used to store warm food. Such a drawer is constructed in such a way that the food does not dry out or cool down; it maintains a temperature of 40 to 75°C. If you have more food to prepare, you can put it in the drawer under the oven and prepare more food in the oven.

Theunder-oven drawer is also perfect for warming plates before serving – this procedure is mainly used in restaurants or at home parties.

How to keep such a drawer clean?

Once you know what the drawer under the oven is used for, you should take care of its proper cleanliness. If we want to keep the taste and aroma of prepared food in the oven, we should clean it regularly – just like the drawer underneath.

You don’t need any strong detergents to clean the oven and the drawer. A homemade vinegar solution works best. Mix water with vinegar in the ratio 50:50 and wait a few moments. Then rinse the oven and drawer with the solution.

For stronger dirt on the oven there are also homemade ways. Just wipe such a place with a damp cloth and then sprinkle baking soda. Leave it for about 30 minutes (with stronger dirt it may take up to an hour). Then wash with water and vinegar. This will keep your oven looking like new, using eco-friendly detergents.

Surprises in the under oven drawer

When using the drawer under the oven, remember to take dishes out of it; if you forget about them, the smell of spoiled food will definitely remind you.

Do not store flammable items such as: warranty cards, cookbooks or cutting boards in the drawer under the oven. In this way we create a danger, because the temperature in it is quite high.

The drawer under the oven is most often used improperly. It is worth changing this and using it as recommended by the manufacturer.

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