Photo wallpaper for closet – change an old piece of furniture and match it to the interior design

Photo wallpaper for closet – change an old piece of furniture and match it to the interior design
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Even the best closet may become bored, worn out, go out of fashion, or cease to fit into the interior, in which the metamorphosis was carried out. In such a situation, what to do with a piece of furniture, which, although still fulfills its role, does not look too good? The solution is a custom-made wall mural.

When thinking of ways to refresh the appearance of the furniture, the first thing that may come to mind is repainting the closet. This is one of the most popular solutions. However, it gives us quite limited possibilities. You have to decide on one color, which can be varied with a pattern from a painting template in another shade. This option, however, requires a bit more artistic skills from us.

Meanwhile, a wall mural for a closet is a real wealth of designs. At everyone will find something perfect for themselves. There are many proposals: they can be patterns, floral ornaments or picturesque views. The most important thing is that the solution fits the room in which the furniture is located.

Photo wallpaper for closet – a great way to be more eco-friendly

We live in a time when huge amounts of furniture and equipment are produced and purchased. When something gets bored or no longer appeals, it is easy to buy a new piece of furniture due to the relatively low prices resulting from mass production. However, this is not an eco-friendly attitude. It is much better to work on a piece of furniture you already own to refresh its appearance, give it a quick facelift and thus give it a new life.

In this role, wall murals are perfect. They can be used to decorate not only the front and sides, but also the interior of the closet. This is a great solution in the case of geometric and plant motifs. In this way, a piece of furniture bought many years ago may become more beautiful than it was originally!

Choose a wall mural that fits perfectly to the size of your furniture

Most of us associate wall murals with decorating walls rather than furniture. So is it possible to use the same brits not only on a different type of surface, but also on a much smaller plane? Absolutely.

When buying and ordering wall murals on the Internet, you need to specify the size of the surface you want to decorate. It is enough to measure the front of the closet (or the sides), giving the height and width, and the pattern will be adjusted to our needs and scaled to a given plane.

On the other hand, if it comes to using the britches on the closet and not on the wall, there are no contraindications. It is only necessary to use a different glue – for wood or plastic depending on what the furniture is made of. It will be much easier to carry out such a facelift of the closet if you remove the furniture doors from their hinges or rails beforehand, so that they do not move while decorating them with a wall mural.

Here is what a wall mural for a sliding and regular closet can represent

There are really many decorative motifs to choose from that will work well on furniture. There is certainly no shortage of inspiration, but it is worth knowing what criteria should be taken into account to make the chosen decoration look the best. The main thing is that the pattern should match the arrangement in which it will be placed. The furniture must create a harmonious whole with the space.

Below experts from Myloview have prepared several ideas ideal for quite different stylizations, so that everyone can find a variant for their apartment.

  • A picturesque view

The first proposal is a wall mural for a sliding closet, which presents a vast view. Among the most popular designs are forest landscapes shrouded in moody fog, depictions of a field meadow and pampas grass, as well as mountain ranges and feathery clouds. Each of these representations will not only decorate a piece of furniture, but will also add a sense of depth to the decor. Landscapes will work well in most decor styles.

  • Geometric pattern

Depending on which pattern you choose, such a wall mural can be matched with a different decor. Fans of colorful accessories will certainly like a motif in the spirit of mid-century modern or Memphis. In an elegant room a closet can be decorated with a wall mural with a retro design – Art Nouveau, Victorian or Art Deco. On the other hand, a minimalist or Scandinavian space will be enlivened by timeless peas or stripes

  • Plant motifs

Particularly noteworthy are compositions reminiscent of watercolor paints in the style of watercolor or depictions referring to natural engravings in the spirit of retro. In a small room it is better to opt for a wall mural with a delicate character and light tones – for example, eucalyptus leaves. On the other hand, in a large room, a cabinet with intense green leaves of palm trees or ferns will look beautiful.

  • Texture imitations

Patterns depicting various materials are another proposal of Myloview experts, which is very popular. Among the most popular patterns are those imitating precious marble – white, powder-pink, green or black – which fits like a glove to the glamour style. A wall mural with a motif of wicker weaving will be perfect in a trendy boho arrangement, while a solid wood pattern is a great proposal to visually warm up the Scandinavian space.

  • Pattern in the most fashionable color

It’s impossible not to mention the closet murals in the most fashionable shade of this year. It’s about purple-blue color called Very Peri chosen by Pantone Institute. This is a hue that immediately attracts the eye, so the closet decorated with a pattern in this shade will become the new dominant in the room. Very Peri will match white and gray, but you can also match it with yellow or green accessories, if you like energetic arrangements.

A wall mural for a closet is a much better solution than buying a new one, because it will allow you to personalize the piece of furniture, so that it suits your tastes and needs 100%. Thanks to the advice provided here and the mentioned patterns, the metamorphosis will go off without a hitch!

Photo: client’s press material.

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