How do I fix a squeaky door?

How do I fix a squeaky door?
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Squeaky doors can be very annoying to homeowners. Improperly oiled hinges can be annoying especially at night. Of course, you do not need the help of a professional right away to deal with this. Some ways are simple household tricks that are worth trying out. We present a few of them.

Lubricating the door with a lift

Of course, the most appropriate action will be to lubricate the door hinges. During production, the sensitive parts were coated with grease, which over time will dry out or lose its properties, for example, under the influence of dust. Squeaking is nothing but a result of friction. The most appropriate action is to remove the door leaf from its hinges by lifting it in a gentle manner. To lubricate, you can use motor oil or petroleum jelly you bought earlier. The lubricant is introduced into the gap created after removing the door leaf. Then you need to remove its excess. Insert the door into the hinges, at the same time making several movements as when opening and closing it, so that the lubricant is evenly distributed

Lubricating the door without lifting it

The problem of creaking doors can also be solved without the troublesome lifting of the door leaf. However, in this case you need to purchase a product with deep penetration ability. A suitable substance can be purchased at a DIY store or a specialist store. It is also important that it is equipped with a device for applying lubricant to hard-to-reach places.

How to deal with creaky hinges? Try soap!

Many times, damp soap is too slippery and slips out of your hands onto the floor. Then it becomes difficult to pick it up – all because of the properties. This is why soap can help with creaky door hinges. Just grease the hinges with a little soap and there is no problem. However, it is advisable to avoid soaps that contain glycerin; it can cause rust, which leads to the destruction of the hinges.

Olive oil

The right approach to a creaky door should be imaginative and based on practical thinking. So, if the problem is a lack of lubrication and too much friction that causes unpleasant creaking, then using something slippery and extra sticky – not just the aforementioned soap – may be an appropriate remedy. Consider the edible products we find in our kitchen – olive oil, for example. It is slippery, yet thin enough that it should flow into the hinges relatively smoothly. If you don’t have a small brush, no problem – a toothbrush is enough to lubricate the door.

Paraffin candle

You can also use wax to lubricate the hinges. A paraffin candle also works great for the metal zipper on your jacket if you’re having trouble getting it to unfasten and fasten. This is a commonly known remedy that will also work for creaky doors

What else causes creaky doors?

One of the important reasons that determine a creaking door is the mistakes made when painting the door leaf. The correct way to apply paint to such items involves avoiding the hinges, which is not always followed. The problem arises after the paint has dried, which over time leads to weakening of the work of the hinges and the formation of rust. To eliminate the problem, the paint and rust film must be removed before lubrication

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