Is it worth buying a pulse oximeter?

Is it worth buying a pulse oximeter?
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A small electronic device used for non-invasive measurement of blood saturation at home is the pulse oximeter. Check if it is worth buying!

How to use it?

If you want to take the test, make sure that your finger is inserted all the way into the device and that your fingernails are clean and not painted. Nail polish can interfere with the reading from the device. There is a light in the center of the device, which must be at nail height

It is also important that the hand from which you draw blood is warm. If your hand is cold, the blood flows less well and the test may be more difficult

How does it work?

The principles of pulse oximeter are simple and allow to perform the test in almost all conditions. The device works by checking saturation, i.e. oxygen saturation of the blood. The device emits constant and pulsating signals , which describe pulsating arterial blood . Based on the measurement you can calculate the degree of saturation of hemoglobin with oxygen. It can also be used to take heart rate measurements.

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