What kind of makeup for couperose skin?

What kind of makeup for couperose skin?
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Capillary skin is a very delicate and sensitive type of skin. Often red changes appear on it, so called spider veins, which do not look very aesthetic. Daily skin care is extremely important. However, when the problem is bigger, the right makeup will be the perfect way to mask all imperfections.

How do I care for my skin with capillaries?

Capillary skin is particularly susceptible to harmful external factors such as strong wind, frost and sun. In addition, emotions, stress, hot baths, but also spicy food or strong coffee have an adverse effect. Initially, the skin is only reddened, but over time it turns into a cluster of broken capillaries. It is extremely important to take daily care to reduce the redness of the skin, strengthen its structure and provide adequate protection

The basic cosmetic skin care product is a day cream, which in its composition contains substances to soothe, strengthen and UV filters that protect the skin from the sun. It is worth paying attention to additional ingredients such as vitamin C and B3, which strengthen the blood vessels and the lipid layer of the epidermis. You should also take care of vascular skin in the evening and use a suitable regenerating and moisturizing night cream. In addition to properly selected cream, you must also remember that the skin needs cleansing

In this case, no mechanical scrub will not work, because it can damage the fragile walls of blood vessels. Also inadvisable are drying soaps and cosmetics that contain alcohol and fruit acids in their composition. A cleansing lotion, which moisturizes the skin and reduces redness, is a very good solution.

What cosmetics should I use for makeup of couperose skin?

The first step in makeup for couperose skin is to hide the broken capillaries and even out the skin tone. Unfortunately, foundation alone may not be enough, especially if you want to look flawless. If you want to wear makeup for an important occasion and you dream of a perfectly smooth complexion without blemishes, start by applying a foundation. This will make it easier to hide blemishes and your foundation will stay on better and last longer

A concealer with a green shade will also come in handy for your daily makeup routine, as it will help to blur the capillaries that have already broken out and the red areas around your nose. Green pigment works very well with red skin lesions. You don’t have to apply concealer all over your face, just do it in spots where broken capillaries appear

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Vulnerableskin also needs a primer that can cope with hiding the flushes that appear due to stress, temperature changes or emotions. If you want perfect makeup and hide skin problems, you should use a liquid foundation, which has better covering properties and is able to hide all skin imperfections

Another very important cosmetic is powder, which is good for couperose skin prone to oiliness.If you are worried about shining during the day, use a mineral powder, which in combination with a foundation will not create a mask effect. Now you can move on to finishing your makeup. Remember not to use any shades of blush because they will emphasize your reddened complexion even more

You can use a bronzer, which will not only revitalize your face but will also be good for contouring it. Don’t forget to emphasize your eyes, but under no circumstances use pink or red tones. It is better to use neutral shades – brown, beige and gray, which you will find in many eye shadow palettes. If you don’t like eye shadow, you can skip it altogether and use only mascara. Finally, accentuate your lips with lipstick or lip gloss in neutral shades. This will give you a makeup look that will mask your imperfect complexion.


Makeup is the perfect way to mask most of the problems of your vascular skin. Properly chosen cosmetics can easily hide dilated capillaries and take care of an even skin tone. Remember that make-up is not everything. You should also take care of proper skin care.

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