How do you make a table from a log?

How do you make a table from a log?
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Closeness to nature dominates among interior trends. More and more people are reaching for furniture and accessories close to nature. Such is the coffee table made of a tree trunk, which you can make yourself.

Items needed to make it

To make such a coffee table you will need:

  • a tree stump,
  • a sander or sandpaper,
  • a paintbrush,
  • matt varnish for wooden surfaces,
  • water with a mild detergent.

Many people may have trouble finding a suitable tree stump. In such a situation, you can ask a family living in the countryside or buy it at a sawmill for a small fee. Making such a table is not difficult; you only need one sunny afternoon and you can enjoy a beautiful DIY table.

Making a table step by step

  1. Clean the trunk very thoroughly from dust and dirt; you can use water with detergent for this if the dirt is quite strong. You can use a brush to clean the stump very well from various tarnish. If there is moss on the trunk, remove it with special chemical preparations available in stores.
  2. Sand the top of the trunk to make it smooth and even. Remember that this is a coffee table, which means there must not be any unevenness on it. This is best done with a sander using sandpaper. Remember that the cracks and grain are the decoration of your table.
  3. Sand the bottom of the trunk in the same manner as the top.
  4. Dust the stump with a brush or vacuum cleaner.
  5. Place the stump on a sheet of plastic wrap.
  6. Paint the stump – a matte varnish is best for this, as it will make the stump look very natural. You can also paint the bark with natural varnish.

If you don’t like the bark on the stump, you can remove it with a chisel, for example.

Table made of a log slice

Such a coffee table is a very interesting alternative if you don’t want to use the whole trunk. All you need is a part of it and legs and screws, which you can buy in any DIY store. To make such a table you will need:

  • a sanded stump perch,
  • screws,
  • a screwdriver,
  • legs,
  • varnish for wood.

Method of making:

  1. Paint the top of the trunk with wood varnish.
  2. Turn the painted part downwards.
  3. Use screws to attach the legs from the bottom.

In the same way, you can also make coffee tables, which will look great in the raw loft interior.

Colorful tree trunk table

A coffee table made from a tree trunk doesn’t have to have a strict shape and color – we can try something totally innovative!

Stump coffee tables look really beautiful, regardless of the interior design. It’s also a natural and timeless solution.

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