How do I fix a leaky faucet? Replacing gaskets efficiently

How do I fix a leaky faucet? Replacing gaskets efficiently
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A leaky faucet is not only an annoying sound coming from the bathroom, but also a source of senseless wastage of water. If you have a problem with a leaky tap in your apartment, it is worth fixing it as soon as possible

Underestimating the failure can lead to problems with the use of fittings, and consequently to serious problems. The cause of a leaking tap is often problems with the proper functioning of the head or leaks at the spout. These are not big defects, so they can be fixed without reaching for the help of professionals. The good news is that sometimes it’s enough to replace one part to get the faucet working properly again and not leaking. The repair is simple and quick, you just need to locate the cause of the leaking faucet

Replacing the faucet head

Often, the solution to a leaky faucet requires replacing the head in the faucet. This is not a complicated operation, but it requires proper preparation and a little knowledge

Before proceeding to repair, it is necessary to shut off the water supply. Thanks to this we can be sure that during the work will not fly on us stream. To get to the head, you need to remove the handle of the faucet, and then unscrew the rosette and the nut that supports the head. Sometimes it is enough to replace the head with a new one or just better tighten the loosened nut

How to replace the gasket in the tap?

In older devices, the reason for a leaky tap is often the wear of a gasket. Therefore, in order to remove the fault it is necessary to replace the worn element, which no longer serves its purpose. Gaskets should not allow water to pass through, but unfortunately during use they become damaged, and then the tap begins to leak

Thereplacement of the gasket is not difficult, you can successfully change it yourself, and buying a new element is the cost of a few zlotys. Remember to choose a gasket that will perfectly fit the sealing ring. It is worth taking the used gasket to the construction store to make sure that you choose the right thickness and size of this element. Most often, rubber or silicone gaskets with a high level of water resistance are used to seal the faucet

What tools are needed to replace the gasket?

Replacing a gasket can be quick and easy, as long as you have the necessary tools for this repair. These are not specialized equipment, but rather accessories that are typically found in most households. Before changing the gasket, as we mentioned above, the water supply must be shut off. In apartments located in a block of apartments, the valve with water is most often located in a box in the stairwell. The tools you will need for the repair are: a 19-gauge wrench, an adjustable wrench, a screwdriver, pliers and a set of gaskets

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Step-by-step gasket replacement

  1. First, remove the cap, which is located on the control valve. Most often they are red – symbolizing hot water – and blue, which indicates the flow of cold water. A screwdriver will be helpful, with which you can lever the element
  2. Then you need to unscrew and remove the tap. You can easily unscrew it by hand, without using tools
  3. After this step, you should proceed to unscrew the valve from the socket with the appropriate wrench. Removing the valve allows you to see what is the condition of the seals in the tap
  4. A damaged or worn gasket should be replaced with a new piece by removing the retaining screw and removing the old ring. White or black silicone head gaskets are a good option
  5. After replacing the element with a new one, it is necessary to screw the valve back to its seat, mount the stopcock and put a suitable cap on the regulating valve
  6. After the repair, unscrew the main valve and check whether the tap no longer leaks and whether the repair was carried out correctly
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