Silicone tulips – what unique DIY decorations can you make with them?

Silicone tulips – what unique DIY decorations can you make with them?
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Silicone tulips can be a unique decoration for your home that will fit into any interior style. Their main advantage is fresh and beautiful look, which you can enjoy for a long time. In addition, they impress with their extremely realistic appearance and resemble live plants to the touch. Surely, many people will mistake them for natural tulips. Check what decorations you can make with them.

Silicone tulips in a glass vase

Rubber tulips will go well with different vases. If you have a larger number of flowers, you can put them in a wide vase or in a ceramic pitcher. In modern interiors, compositions of silicone tulips, which use from 3 to 5 flowers, will work well

This solution is not only economical, but also minimalist and attracting the interest of each guest. In addition, creating such a composition is very simple, takes little time and you can easily make it at home. You will need a transparent vase, some pebbles or seashells and silicone tulips

First of all, place the pebbles at the bottom of the vase. Now prepare some tulips and cut them to different lengths. Then place them in the vase starting from the bottom. You can hide the heads of the tulips completely behind glass or put them over the rim of the vase. An impressive decoration is ready. It is perfect for every day and every holiday

If you don’t have a suitable vase at home, you can also use a juice bottle, but it is worth decorating it beforehand. You can use jute and string to wrap around the bottle

Silicone tulips in a birch vase

The natural beauty of wood goes perfectly with rubber tulips. If you have more time and like being close to nature, this decoration will be perfect for you.

To make this decoration you need birch branches, an old flower pot in a dark color, hot glue, decorative string and rubber tulips. Preparing the decoration is not difficult. Glue birch twigs to the pot and then pinch the whole thing together with decorative string. Fill the pot so prepared fill it with florist sponge or simply pour small pebbles into it, and then insert and form tulips. In this way you will get an unconventional and artistic decoration, which will give warmth to the interior.

Silicone tulips in a decorative pot

If vases are not your style, you can place rubber tulips in a decorative pot, box or metal vessel. The choice is huge, you will certainly choose something to your taste and matching the style of the interior. Ceramic pots of an oblong shape work very well in such compositions. To make such a decoration you will need more time and a few tools and materials

Tools needed:

  • hot glue gun,
  • scissors,
  • wire,
  • wire cutters.

Materials needed:

  • silicone tulips,
  • any decorative figurine (e.g. bunny, elephant),
  • decorative twigs (can be e.g. fern, eucalyptus or cotton twigs),
  • reindeer moss,
  • florist foam,
  • pot.

If you have all the elements you need, cut the florist foam to fit into the pot of your choice. You can glue it with hot glue to make it more stable. Place the rubber tulips, pre-cut to the desired length, into the pot and shape them accordingly. Then attach the green moss with wire. In the next step, evenly and sensitively knock decorative branches and find a place for a decorative figurine. A very big advantage of this composition is an interchangeable figurine, which you can completely abandon or replace for another, giving the whole composition a new look. Thus prepared decoration will look beautiful in any place and you can easily match it to many special occasions.


Silicone tulips are perfect for home decoration. Thanks to the material they are made of, they resemble a living plant in touch and appearance. They are really elegant and subtle. They are very easy to form and will fit effortlessly into any arrangement. Beautifully arranged they will be an exceptional decoration and even in winter they will be a substitute of spring. The flowers come in many colors imitating real tulips. No matter where you place them they will be a beautiful decoration.

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