What accessories to buy for your puppy?

What accessories to buy for your puppy?
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As a newly minted puppy caretaker, I’m sure you’ve quickly learned what an enjoyable job this is. Nonetheless, you need to complete a lot of responsibilities if you want to keep your pet safe, healthy and comfortable. See what accessories to buy for your puppy to take home.

Puppy accessories – a must have

Before your puppy arrives at home, it’s a good idea to head to the pet store and prepare for this moment. What to buy?

Bowls, or food zone

Food is one of the most important parts of the day for your dog, so he needs two bowls. One is for meals and the other is for drinking. It’s best to choose ones that don’t slide on a smooth surface, such as tile in the kitchen. Plastic ones are the cheapest, but they get damaged quickly and even fall over. An interesting type is a bowl with a free space next to it, on which leftover food or water droplets remain. This prevents your four-legged friend from soiling a larger section of the floor.


This is an indispensable element in every house where a dog appears. It has to be adjusted to the size. It’s best to measure your pet from head to tail end, and then add 20 centimeters to that. If you are the caretaker of a small puppy, it will grow after all. That’s why you should choose dog beds that are tailored to the breed, either small or medium. Even though the puppy is growing, the bed shouldn’t be too big either, in order to ensure your dog’s complete safety.

An interesting option are soft rectangular beds that are pleasant to the touch, such as those made of plush. A special anti-slip pad is useful so that the bed does not move when the dog moves. Round beds with a removable cushion inside are also popular

Time for a walk – collar and leash

The leash is rather an accessory that should make the owner feel comfortable during walks. For short trips outside the house a traditional walking leash will do. An interesting solution is also a retractable model , which can be shortened in certain situations, e.g. in a crowded place. Automatic leashes are also popular, as they give a lot of freedom to the dog and are easy to use by the owner

The downside, however, is “letting” the dog go further and trying to pull the dog back to you. It can also easily become entangled between trees. A collar or harness, on the other hand, should be fitted to the puppy. When fastened, you need to slide three fingers under the surface – if you can, the size is fine. The collar can be leather or steamed, and the harness can be pressureless. To transport your dog safely, it’s best to get a carrier.

Dog care or accessories for a puppy

Your puppy should get used to regular brushing and bathing right from the start, although this shouldn’t happen any sooner than 10 weeks of age. That’s why you should get a brush, trimmer or comb. A claw clipper will also come in handy. The shampoo will match your dog’s coat, or specific breed. It needs to be gentle, so one designed for a puppy is definitely the best. It should have moisturizing ingredients and cleansing substances. Increasingly, natural preparations are appearing, for example, with coconut oil and extracts from natural plants that care for the structure of the hair

Toys are important too!

There is no need to buy a lot of toys, definitely just a few for the very beginning. It is good to bet on a good quality ball, which will be the basis of fun and learning to fetch. It must fit the animal’s muzzle so that it is comfortable to carry. It will also be useful to have a toy, which at the same time will help the pet in the growth of permanent teeth. Rubber types or chews in the form of cotton rope will work well for this purpose. At home, you will still find training accessories useful.

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