How to care for artificial plants in the apartment?

How to care for artificial plants in the apartment?
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Artificial plants have become a very popular interior design element – they perfectly imitate natural plants. Decorations made of artificial flowers have become very fashionable and convenient. How should I take care of artificial plants at home?

How to take care of artificial plants at home?

Even the biggest layman can handle the care of artificial plants at home. Such plants require an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. This method works well for large plants. To make them shine more, apply a little bit of polishing agent or olive oil to the cloth and then wipe the plant.

Smaller artificial plants can be put in the bath or shower and washed under running water. If the artificial plants have been soiled, e.g. by wall paint or a child has written on them with markers, this soiling can be removed with washing-up liquid or grey soap. Dust and dirt should also be removed from artificial trees in the same way.

Why are artificial plants so popular?

Artificial plants have recently become very popular, you could even say that they are very fashionable. More and more people see their versatility – they can be kept in any room in the house, e.g. on the balcony, in the bathroom or in the hallway. The price of artificial plants is very similar to the price of live plants.

Current interior design trends rely on a very large amount of greenery in a room. A large number of plants can enliven even the most austere interior. Artificial plants are perfect for enlivening cold and windy parts of the house, such as porches, corridors – in such places live plants do not have the possibility to survive.

The biggestadvantage of artificial plants is that they always look as beautiful as the day you buy them. Live plants require care, proper position (if they have a bad position, they stop growing or lose their leaves). Artificial plants, unlike live plants, can be moved from place to place without any problem.

Advantages of artificial plants:

  • they are a perfect imitation of live plants,
  • can be placed anywhere,
  • they look beautiful all year round,
  • they are very durable,
  • they are not poisonous to animals,
  • they don’t get sick,
  • safe for allergy sufferers,
  • they will not wither for lack of watering,
  • you can buy them at any time of the year,
  • it is a one-time expense – you don’t have to transplant them into larger pots.

Disadvantages of artificial plants:

  • associated with rubbish from the People’s Republic of Poland,
  • they don’t smell,
  • high price – artificial trees cost around 1000 PLN.

Interior inspirations

There are many inspirations for various arrangements with artificial plants, although in most of the arrangements orchids and orchids are leading – they suit practically every style of interior. Recently various cacti and succulents are very popular.

Artificial plants ideal for busy people

Everyone wants their interior to be very cozy. Artificial flowers that look like the real thing are perfect for busy people who don’t have time to take care of live plants. Imitation of real plants will also work for people who often go on various business trips.

Great solution for people who love animals

Some species of live plants are very poisonous to animals. Most dogs and cats really enjoy “biting” potted plants. Unfortunately, a cat biting into, say, a horsetail or ivy can cause severe diarrhea. Pets very often knock over pots of live flowers, causing them to break and spill soil. If a pet knocks over a pot with artificial flowers, it does not cause any negative consequences.

Artificial plants – perfect for “difficult” rooms

There is no living plant that is able to withstand the difficult conditions prevailing, for example, in the bathroom without a window, ie:

  • high humidity,
  • lack of sunlight,
  • poor ventilation.

These factors do not affect the artificial plants, which look beautiful in any conditions

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