Home remedies for scratched paint on a car

Home remedies for scratched paint on a car
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There is a saying in automotive circles that “nothing hurts more than the first scratch on the body of a new car.” We have to admit that there is something to this. Unfortunately, moving a car, especially in urban areas, almost always ends up with minor nicks, scuffs or scratches. This is such a difficult art that only a few drivers succeed. And the resulting damage does not look good. Does even a minor scratch have to end up with a visit to the painter?

Is a varnisher always a necessity?

We can not guarantee you that every scratch or scrape formed on your car can be removed without the help of a painter. Unfortunately, there are some damages for which home methods, even the most proven ones, will not work, even if we would like it very much. Each of us is aware that such services are not only expensive, but also time-consuming, and we are left without a means of transportation for the duration of the car’s stay in repair. 

However, not every scratch needs the intervention of a professional. Sometimes all it takes is one of the quick, home remedies, which, as it turns out, can work wonders. How to recognize such damage? Specialists advise you to run your finger over the cleaned surface where the scratch is, if it stops on the damage, the matter may require the intervention of a painter. However, when you can freely run your finger over the scratch, there is a good chance that you can handle it yourself. 

Home remedies for removing scratches on car paint


Toothpaste is known in everyday life as a mildly abrasive product that cleans the surface to which it is applied. Before you get to work, take care to clean the surface thoroughly. You can wash the entire car beforehand, but pay special attention to this particular spot. There should be no additional residue, let alone sand. Now all you need to do is apply paste to a brush or cloth and polish the scratched area with circular motions or strokes along the scratch. If you notice the effect, but it is not 100% satisfactory to you, you can repeat the procedure. 

Nail polish

Surprisingly, not only ladies like to use this product. When we have to deal with a small, shallow scratch, we can try to reach for this popular cosmetic. Here it is important to choose the right color to match the car paint. If you are afraid of failure, you can always opt for a clear lacquer, which will protect the damage, but it may still remain visible. 

Shoe polish

To work with shoe polish, you need to prepare in advance. Clean the area where the scratch is located thoroughly. You can wash the car with a special shampoo or simply with soapy water. Then dry the surface. You will need a shoe polish that is darker than the color of the paint to work with. This can be the most difficult step, as you may have a hard time getting the right color. The paste, when gently applied, should fill in gaps in the varnish and scratches and even small holes. At the very end, polish the work surface thoroughly. 

Unfortunately, not all of these products will work when you have a unique car body color. Then it’s safest to reach for commercially available products such as special pastes or pens that help us get rid of scratches and nicks. 

main photo: pexels.com/Sarmad Mughal

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