Concrete pot – how to make one?

Concrete pot – how to make one?
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Spring and summer are the perfect time for repotting plants. It is worth choosing those pots, which are made of ecological material. Pots made of concrete, very fashionable this season, will look beautiful. But how to make them yourself?

Concrete – how to handle it?

Concrete is an extremely graceful material. It works perfectly in the garden, on the terrace and at home. It will give the raw style that has been desired for several seasons. You can, of course, buy ready-made pots made of concrete, but maybe it’s better to make them yourself? It will provide a lot of fun and satisfaction

This form of activity can also be used to make the day more attractive for the youngest. In addition, the vessel can be selected specifically for the plants that need to be transplanted. Importantly, DIY concrete pots do not require accuracy in execution

Plants look very attractive in concrete pots, they create a coherent whole with modern interiors. Concrete flower pots are also extremely durable, you can decorate them freely and give them as gifts. Their cleaning is also not demanding, just clean water and a sponge

Making a larger pot is more difficult, but it will be perfect for small conifers. Small forms will work well in the bathroom or kitchen, for example, for fresh spices.

How do I make a concrete plant pot?

A concrete pot is usually made using a bucket of wall paint product. You will need:

  • concrete mixture;
  • a larger bucket such as an interior paint bucket;
  • a smaller bucket – but remember that for a large pot to last, the bottom should be at least 5-7 cm thick. With a smaller pot it will be enough if it is only 1 cm;
  • sand;
  • oil;
  • rubber gloves;
  • a larger stone to use as a weight;
  • a small spatula;
  • tape or string.

Making a concrete pot

  1. The package of concrete mix hides the instructions for preparing the ideal solution in liquid form. It is necessary to follow this recipe.
  2. Next, you need to grease the inside walls of a larger bucket and the outside of a smaller bucket with oil, such as vegetable oil.
  3. Using a small spatula, place the liquid concrete mixture into the middle of the large bucket.
  4. The small bucket needs to be inserted into the center of the mix that is in the larger container. There should be 5 cm of concrete between one bottom and the other. This will form the bottom of the pot. Put a load in the smaller bucket, and use string or tape to connect the two containers so that the smaller one remains in the liquid concrete.
  5. The pots must remain connected until the concrete has set. This usually takes from several to several dozen hours. It is worth checking from time to time whether the solution has stiffened, you can use a wooden stick for this purpose.
  6. After setting the smaller bucket should be removed from the larger one, the whole operation will be easier to lubricate it with oil. If necessary, you can also cut the container.
  7. You only need to wait for the concrete to dry thoroughly. Then you need to drill a few holes in the bottom of the pot, so that excess water has a proper drainage. Finally, decorate the pot as you wish. You can use shells, acrylic paint, broken tiles or glass. The raw look of the pot will also have its unique charm.

Golden tips

Not everyone will want to make a round pot. This is undoubtedly the simplest and most common form. However, there are other equally clever ways

Square concrete pot

Place the concrete mixture in a thick cardboard box or wooden crate. Inside it you need to put a smaller container of the same shape. It is necessary to leave enough space – as in the case of a pot from a bucket. Always remember to lubricate the boxes with oil. You can also further protect them from soaking, just place wooden boards inside them. After it has set, remove the containers, just like the first concrete pot idea.

Concrete bowl

To make a concrete bowl, you will need two bowls (smaller and larger), which will allow you to make many interesting vessels. The whole process looks like in the previous cases.

Concrete pots will delight any aesthete and will allow any changes in the appearance of the garden or home.

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