How to make a yarn rug?

How to make a yarn rug?
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Many people can’t imagine a home without a rug. A small, fluffy rug is great for the bedside. You can make it yourself and choose colors for a specific interior. There are two ways to make rugs from yarn – less and more advanced. Learn about them together with us!

Rug made of pompoms

Rugs made of pompoms are becoming more and more popular. They look beautiful, have a variety of shades and long, pleasant to the feet pile. Besides, you do not need special training to make them. And moreover, the products needed to make them are not expensive!

To make them you will need:

  • 6 skeins of yarn in several colors of your choice;
  • plaster mesh of a size adjusted to the planned size of the rug;
  • well sharpened scissors

Preparing a rug made of colorful pompoms

  1. We begin by making the pompoms. Their number should be adjusted to the size of the plaster grid. The making of the pompoms itself is simple. Even if you lack manual skills, you can handle this task. You can also involve your boyfriend or child for this task. Hand knitting can be great for relaxation, but it does take time. In the beginning, you should make some test pom-poms.
  2. All you need to prepare is some soft thread and sharp scissors. Wind the yarn onto one palm. Make 100-120 braids. With this amount, you can achieve pompoms with full shapes, through which the plaster mesh will not show through.
  3. Next, you need to prepare yourself a 30-centimeter piece of thread in the color of the pompom. It will be used to stabilize and connect the hank pulled from your hand. It is important to remember to tie the yarn firmly, so that it does not come out of the pompoms.
  4. After tying, cut the yarn on both sides of the skein. The finished ball should be trimmed accordingly to create an even pom-pom.
  5. The process needs to be repeated enough times to fill the entire plaster mesh. The pom-poms should fit tightly to each other, so that they do not spread out under the weight and create empty spaces.
  6. Attaching the pompons to the mesh requires accuracy. To tie them, you need to use the threads that are left after stabilizing the skeins. The balls of yarn need to be laid out on the plaster mesh beforehand to make sure there are enough of them. They must fit tightly together, only then they will form a beautiful whole. It is important that the plaster mesh does not show through between the pompoms.

Instead of the mesh, you can use a stiff and thick cross-stitch canvas. However, be sure to lace it with thicker felt before attaching the yarn pompons.

Crochet yarn rug

Also this type of rugs has gained its adherents. The most popular is the shape of a circle. It can be placed, for example, in the living room or in the room for meditation. Its appearance resembles mandalas. Making a rug on crochet is definitely more complicated and requires practice. It will also be important to have knowledge of how to make several elements – magic circle, chain, closing eyelet and posts repeated hundreds of times. We will be using a large crochet hook, which for novices may prove problematic. It’s worth practicing this art on smaller equipment.

To make a rug we will need:

  • cotton string with a thickness of 5 mm or thicker yarn,
  • bigger crochet hook, preferably 10 mm in size.

To make a rug with a diameter of 100 cm you will need 500 m of string or yarn. It is important that it is just 5 mm thick, because it will affect the final appearance of the carpet and the comfort of its use. This ensures that the carpet is neither too flat nor too convex.

Step by step execution

  1. First, make a magic circle of twelve posts.
  2. The magic circle should be closed with a close eyelet.
  3. Start the first circle with two chain eyes.
  4. 24 posts should be made.
  5. To proceed to the next circle, you need to close the previous one with a close eyelet and connect it with the second row. Repeat the process until the desired size is achieved.

Self-made carpets are always impressive and give a lot of satisfaction. They give the apartment an original look.

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