How to make a dressing table?

How to make a dressing table?
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Which of us does not dream about her own dressing table? However, ready-made does not always meet our expectations. It is worth creating your own cosmetic dressing table, which will also beautifully complement the arrangement of the room.

Dressing table – is it worth to have it?

A dressing table is one of the most useful pieces of furniture that every woman would like to have. It can easily accommodate all cosmetics in one place and also expose brushes and perfume bottles and even jewelry. A dressing table allows you to keep everything in one place, divided into sections, without scattering it around the corners.

Its size should be adjusted according to the space available. There is no need to buy a dressing table right away – then we have no influence either on its dimensions or design. You can just as well make it yourself, choosing every detail according to your expectations. Contrary to appearances, it is not so difficult, and at the same time it may turn out that it will cost us less than the finished product in the store.

Make-up or hairstyle will be a pleasure. Everything will be at hand and perfectly visible thanks to the right lighting and, of course, the mirror.Remember that a dressing table in itself – whether DIY or bought – looks very elegant and complements the decor of the bedroom (or any other room) perfectly. It is definitely worth having it in your interior.

First – a desk or a chest of drawers

To make a dressing table we need a base – a desk or a chest of drawers. A lot depends on the space this piece of furniture can take up. It is also worth to think about its size from the point of view of usage – whether we will easily mount a mirror, put organizers or a vase with flowers.

A desk may be very delicate, with simple or stylized legs, wooden or metal. The chest of drawers usually has capacious drawers, which will also provide us with plenty of storage space. For a desk (if it doesn’t have drawers on either side) we can buy a cabinet with drawers – a very practical solution.

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Our base can be treated with sandpaper to create the effect of aged furniture, or painted in any color or veneer.

If we have a very small room, and we care about having a dressing table, then we can suspend the top alone (possibly with a drawer) and put organizers on it.

Secondly, a mirror with lighting

There is no dressing table without a mirror. It is an integral part of it. It should be large enough to be able to easily paint or hairstyle – round, square or rectangular.

Additionally important is its lighting, preferably LED. It is important that it was bright and as close to natural as possible, so that later it did not turn out that our makeup in daylight looks completely different. You can buy a ready-made mirror with LED lighting or install the bulbs yourself.

A mirror for the dressing table can be done in at least two ways. Mount it to our desk or dresser or hang it on the wall, just above the countertop. Certainly the latter option will save us a lot of space, especially if we have chosen a rather shallow piece of furniture.

Thirdly – boxes and organizers

Finally, there are still all the organizers, boxes and baskets. One thing is certain – it’s worth having them not only on the countertop, but also in the drawers. Here, too, we can freely paint or glue them.

They help in proper storing of cosmetics, accessories and jewelry, as well as in maintaining order. A separate rack for jewelry and a tray for perfume will also be useful.

Fourth, the seat

The dressing table is ready but we cannot forget about a place to sit. After all, we will not be standing by it or leaning over. Here you need to bet on a piece of furniture that is maneuverable, mobile and, what is important, very comfortable. It happens that – especially before a party or other outing – we spend a lot of time at it.

There is a whole mass of seats to choose from – stools, stools, poufs, chairs (transparent ones are fashionable). In fact, the offer is so wide that we can freely choose from various heights, widths, materials, colors and styles. We should also remember that we can always use old furniture – paint it, fill it and change the upholstery. A frequently used treatment is also placing a decorative pillow or a fluffy “rug” on the seat.

If our decor requires it, it is good to put a small rug under the feet. Then the whole dressing table will gain even more cozy character, and we will be more comfortable.

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