What to make from an old curtain?

What to make from an old curtain?
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An old curtain is made of material that is not worth throwing away. Get creative and reuse it. Here are some ideas on how to use an old curtain. See what wonders you can conjure up with it

Beautify your home

An old curtain can have many uses. Are you dreaming of a new style for your home? Have some of your accessories fallen into disrepair? Then this idea is for you!

If your curtain has an interesting pattern, you can use it to creatively paint the accessories in your home. How to do it? Place the curtain on the surface of your choice and then spray spray paint on it in the color of your choice. Wait until the whole thing is dry (it should not take more than 5 minutes), after that remove the curtain. A pattern will appear on the decorated surface. An interesting way to decorate the apartment is to combine several contrasting colors

Original decorations – dream catcher and sofa bedspread

If you have a lot of unused curtains in your home, you might be tempted to sew them into an original bedspread. How do you do it? Just cut the different curtain material into squares and then sew them together. If you want to make this accessory look cohesive and interesting at the same time, combine different materials so that the whole looks symmetrical

The remaining material from the curtains will be useful for preparing the dream catcher. To do this, you will need a wooden / wicker hoop, string, scissors, pompoms and thin material

Just adjust the size of the curtain to the size of the hoop, and then join together using the string. It is good if the material has decorations with larger holes, because the string is inserted from the top into one eyelet of the doily, and then pulled under the bottom of the wooden ho op.Finally, it’s a good idea to decorate the dream catcher with pom-poms and ribbons


Pillowcases made of curtains are great for a boho style apartment, because they add lightness to the interior. If you want the arrangement of the apartment to be consistent, it is recommended to buy new curtains in a similar style. Pillowcases can be sewn from the whole curtains or their parts. They can also be a decorative addition to a darker pillowcase. The material from the curtains works well as a delicate decoration, for example in the form of frills

Eco bags for fruits and vegetables

Plastic packaging is not eco-friendly, and unfortunately it is available at every turn, especially at fruit and vegetable stands. Both for us and store workers it is more convenient solution, because it is easier to weigh products and pack them. Fortunately, with the help comes the material of an old curtain. It can be used to create reusable designer bags. The best materials to sew them are jacquard or tight weave. Their biggest advantage is the fact that they can be washed regularly and not thrown away after one use.

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To sew a bag you need a piece of old curtain (depending on the desired size of the bag), thread in the color of the material, ribbons, a tailor’s tape measure, scissors and needle or, for advanced sewing machine. From the curtain cut out a rectangle of 75 × 35 or 55 × 23 and fold it, bending the longer side in half. Then sew the material, keeping a margin of 3-5 mm. Finally, turn the bag over, as the seam must be in the center. Next, double fold the top of the bag, so that the ribbon fits there. Sew straight stitch through the folded fabric and pull the ribbon through the resulting tunnel. Each end of the ribbon should be tied into a knot

Curtain dress for the girl

Another way to use the material of the curtain, is to sew from it a skirt for your child! Any little girl will be happy with such a gift. The fabric should be cut into equal-sized strips. The standard size is 25 cm long and about 50-60 cm wide. You need 40 such pieces, of which only 10 should be white. The rest you can dye in your child’s favorite color. Then prepare a rubber band and tie the prepared strips to it. Mix the colors and tie the strips with two knots. Some of them can be rounded at the bottom. You may also decorate the skirt with additional bows or ribbons. The only limit is your imagination!

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