How to keep your garage tidy?

How to keep your garage tidy?
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The garage is the place where all those things are stored that have no use in the house or for which there is no room in the house. In many homes, it replaces or supplements the utility room. As a result, you can often find cardboard boxes, shoes and clothes that the kids have outgrown, old furniture, parts that “might still be useful” and sometimes it happens that your car barely fits in the garage. To avoid this, you need to keep your garage tidy. See how to do it!

Use for old furniture

If your garage is large and you keep literally everything in it, it is very possible that there is some old cabinet or sideboard or wall unit standing there. This piece of furniture doesn’t have to be just a cluttering up your space. You can find a practical use for it in the garage. Such a cabinet can be used to store things that may get wet or rusty in the open space, as well as to store things that you want easy access to, such as tools or garden equipment

To make sure such a cabinet doesn’t unnecessarily take up more space than it should, place it where it’s most practical. Transport carts are useful for moving heavy items such as furniture. Once you have your closet in the right place, make sure it is not in chaos. To help you sort through your belongings, you’ll want to have a variety of garbage cans and baskets to store all sorts of junk. As well as bins, shelf dividers to segment shelves and organisers for nails and screws, for example, come in handy

Organizing the open space

The key to a tidy garage is to manage every inch of space. If there is a lot of unused space in the garage, it will start to become cluttered. It’s a good idea to make sure that your garage is clean and tidy and that every inch of the space is utilized. To save as much space as possible, invest in shelves and wall hangings that will allow you to fit many things even in a small space

If your garage is also your utility room, find one place where cleaning supplies, janitorial supplies and kitchen gadgetscan safely wait their turn without the danger of getting dirty with grease or filings, for example. Also organize a corner for garden tools and work clothes. This should be a place where there is no risk of a shovel or rake scratching your car’s paint

How to save space in the garage?

In addition to the car, seasonal tires for the car and bicycles are often stored in the garage. These are things that take up a lot of valuable space. To save as much space as possible, these equipment can be successfully hung on the walls. In online stores you can easily buy special hangers, on which you can keep your bikes, tires and spare wheel. Thanks to this solution you will gain more space in the garage, and your bikes will be safely waiting for the cycling season.

It is difficult to keep your garage tidy. To make it easier for yourself, use our tips. Cluttering up that old chest of drawers you’ve been meaning to throw away, organising space for each category of items in your garage and implementing space-saving solutions are just a few ways to keep your garage tidy. Take advantage of the warm days to give your garage a makeover. Good luck!

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