How to store pot lids? Best ideas

How to store pot lids? Best ideas
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Pot lids are a very important piece of kitchen ware that should be on hand at all times. Unfortunately, this often promotes the appearance of disorder and clutter. However, there are practical ways to store them on a daily basis. How?

Use plastic hooks for hanging clothes or a towel rack

Plastic hooks for hanging clothes are widely known and appreciated. They are also used in the kitchen so you can always have a dishcloth or kitchen gloves hanging from them within reach. They are easy to attach because they are self-adhesive and there is no need to drill holes in the surface of the cabinet or on the wall. And if space is at a premium, they can also be used to hold down lids, for example on the inside of kitchen cupboard doors. Just glue two hangers together in such a way that one lid can hang on them. This small, lightweight object can easily be held on them. And you’ll have plenty of space in your drawers for other kitchen utensils.

A towel rack can be used in a similar way. In its case, you will have to reckon with the necessity of drilling holes and fixing it, but it is still possible to significantly reduce the load on the kitchen shelves and drawers, so it is certainly worth the effort.

On the inside of the cabinet door, you can also install special boards, thanks to which you will create shelves.

Lid shelf

You can also bet on buying a special shelf for lids. Such a simple device is made of metal. It consists of a frame, which most often has a shape similar to a trapezoid. The opposite ends are connected by metal rods, which form something like a pocket into which we can put individual lids. Usually, the smallest ones take place at the top, so that the largest ones can fit at the very bottom. You can buy such a device online or in a home improvement store for about 25 – 30 zlotys.

The use of a plastic container and appropriate selection

The problem in the kitchen is that individual pieces of equipment are loosely put somewhere, not hung up, but general disorder, confusion and a large number of items that we rarely use. Before putting your kitchen in order, it’s worth making a selection, which in the case of kitchen lids can be a great solution. The least necessary items can be taken out of the kitchen to a storage room or pantry so that they don’t get in the way and wait their turn. The most necessary and useful can be packed in a large plastic container that will find its place, for example, on one of the cabinets. Lids don’t have a regular shape, so you can’t stack them. If they rest in one place, they will always be close at hand and you will find them quickly.

Installing hooks under cabinets

The suggestion of placing hooks under cabinets does have its limitations, because only lids with ears will be there, but it is still a sensible solution. This way we can use and utilize the little useful space just under the wall cabinets. In fact, there is no other use for this space. Lids hung there certainly won’t get in the way

Use an old dish dryer

We live in a world that places more and more importance on recycling and reusing items that have seemingly already worn out. With a little willingness, they can be repurposed again. The same is true of the old drying rack, which after cleaning and painting, can be used as a container for lids for dishes. You can hang it or put it up. The important thing is that we will not have much of a problem with the proper placement of the items, which in addition will be able to dry there after washing them.

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