Snacks for a summer picnic

Snacks for a summer picnic
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Summer is definitely the time for picnics, perfect for a romantic date for two or a family afternoon in nature. What snacks to take with you? Here are some simple and quick to prepare suggestions that will work great!


This is a proven way to go on all kinds of trips and picnics. However, you can surprise your loved ones with a new form or additions. Instead of butter use avocado. Add fresh vegetables. Opt for healthy bread with grains and pack it in a container.


Homemade muffins are sure to please every gourmet. They are much more handy than traditional cakes – you don’t have to divide them into portions, and a single muffin won’t crumble. You can bake them with seasonal fruit

Salad or dessert in a jar

This is an ingenious way to take a nutritious meal with you. In a jar you can pour natural yoghurt and cut fruit or add jam. In another container you can pour granola and combine everything on the spot. For a salad, layer your favorite ingredients, season, and you’re done!

To drink? Lemonade!

To quench your thirst, make lemonade. Choose your favourite fruit: raspberries, strawberries, watermelon. Add some mint leaves and ice cubes and pour into a thermal bottle or thermos – it will stay cold longer

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