How to hang a TV on the wall? Guide

How to hang a TV on the wall? Guide
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Mounting a TV on the wall is not as difficult as you might think. It is an extremely convenient solution, giving the space more character and also increasing the freedom of movement.

Why should I hang the TV on the wall?

Hanging a TV on the wall is connected with a number of conveniences. What do we actually gain thanks to it? First of all, it increases the aesthetics of the room because the TV on the wall fits not only into modern but also traditional interiors. What is more, it is possible to hide the cables. What else will you gain?

  • Reduction of costs associated with fitting a suitable cabinet for our TV. Instead of that it is enough to buy an inexpensive bracket and there shall be no fear of having a cabinet that differs from the interior design.
  • Safety for children – a wall mounted TV will definitely be out of reach for children, so we will avoid the risk that our kids will unintentionally drop it.
  • Saving space – large TVs standing on a cabinet take up more space than we can sometimes imagine. Placing them on the wall is a natural and reasonable solution.

How to prepare for hanging a TV on the wall?

Getting ready to hang the TV on the wall involves several issues. You need to decide on the height at which you want to mount your RTV equipment. This will depend on the size of the TV and in which position we can comfortably watch TV. Therefore, we need to take into account the height of the sofa and the height of users. In smaller rooms, it is advisable to install the TV so that the center of the screen is at eye level. In larger rooms, the receiver can be placed slightly higher. A commonly advised level is about 100-110 cm from the floor, although the final decision depends on the individual case.

We should also choose a mount that matches the specifications of our TV. If we do not take into account the weight of the TV, a bracket that is too weak may destabilize the structure and damage both the wall and the equipment. It is also a good idea to buy a bracket for larger TVs in advance so that you can easily replace your receiver years later.

Which wall to choose?

The choice of a wall is based on the material it is made of. We can mount a TV on a brick or concrete wall without any problem, but doing the same on a plasterboard will be a very bad move unless we use special wall plugs.

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Step-by-step instructions for hanging a TV

Mounting a TV on the wall by yourself is not very difficult. It is enough that we have a drill at home and we can proceed to the installation. The next steps are:

  1. Determining the height of the TV hanging and marking the central point of the screen.
  2. Adjusting the center of the bracket to the marked center of the screen.
  3. Checking if the mount will be fixed evenly – it is worth using a spirit level for this.
  4. Marking points where holes shall be drilled.
  5. Drill mounting holes and place the wall plugs in them.
  6. Attach the mount to the wall with the supplied screws.
  7. Screwing the TV to the bracket.

How to hide cables from the TV set?

Before we even mount the TV on the wall we should think about what to do with the cables. Hanging and tangled cables are not the most pleasant view. So you should decide on one of the three ways enabling to hide the cables:

  1. Covering strip – is by far the easiest and most beneficial way to hide cables. It is enough to mount it on the wall and hide the wires to the TV in it.
  2. Socket behind the receiver – if we mount the socket directly behind the receiver and choose an appropriate length of cables, we will be sure that they do not stick out beyond the screen.
  3. Cable duct cut in the wall – it is a special gutter in the wall. There are appropriate holes in it, through which the cables can be passed and connected.
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