How do I clean my driveway?

How do I clean my driveway?
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The driveway is one of those places that is hard to keep clean. It can be even more difficult if it is not cleaned regularly. Here’s how to clean your driveway of even the most stubborn dirt.

Cleaning machines

Cleaning a driveway can be quite tedious, so ordinary floor cleaners might not be enough. In such a situation, it is worth reaching for equipment created to cope with even the biggest dirt. Ideal for this are industrial devices.

At you can find a wide range of floor cleaning machines, for example walk-behind. These are mostly quite compact models that can be operated while standing on the floor. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can customize them to suit your individual needs, for example, depending on the dimensions of your driveway.

A good option may be self-propelled floor cleaning machines, which are very convenient. The person operating such a device does not stand on the floor, but sits on the machine and operates it from that position. Such a machine will work well especially on medium to larger areas, allowing for comfortable cleaning.

Floor cleaning machines are easy to use and at the same time provide high quality cleaned surfaces. Both self-propelled and guided machines can be found at Each of the machines offered by the store will do a great job with different types of dirt – liquid, solid or dust.

Self-propelled sweepers

This equipment will come in handy especially for driveways located on busy streets, where dust often appears. Sweeper manufacturers offer different variants of sweepers, such as battery and gasoline powered.

These machines are driven almost like a car. Ride-on sweepers are very convenient and efficient machines. With their sweeping brushes and special filters, you can easily remove all kinds of dirt such as sand, gravel, leaves and even small debris.

Pressure washers

For hard to reach, heavy dirt, pressure washers work well. They work under high pressure, thanks to which they allow to get rid of even the most stubborn dirt.

On the market there are also special washing machines for cleaning cobblestones, which are often used for driveways. The structure of cobblestones causes dirt that is difficult to clean, and soil often accumulates between them and small plants grow. In order to quickly get rid of such dirt, it is worth using special washing machines. Thanks to the water stream under very high pressure you can easily get rid of any dirt. In most cases the washers are also equipped with a tank for cleaning detergent. This will allow you to use a special detergent in case water alone is not enough to clean your driveway.

To reduce the risk of getting dirty

The ease of cleaning the driveway is also determined by the degree of its impregnation. Paving blocks can be impregnated already at the production stage, but also later, after laying. It is worth putting an additional protective layer of impregnation because it will make removing dirt easier. Driveways are all the more exposed to all kinds of contamination, because they can become dirty with car oils.

However, before you decide to impregnate your pavement, remember to clean it thoroughly from moss and weeds. The impregnation process should take place when the temperature is positive, because for a few hours after that the cube should not be exposed to changing weather conditions.

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