DIY Easter decorations – 3 ideas

DIY Easter decorations – 3 ideas
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Easter is just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning our interior decorations for the holiday. Get inspired by our suggestions for DIY Easter decorations.

Decorative eggs

For this project you will need styrofoam eggs of different sizes, paint in the color of your choice and newspaper. Soak the crumpled newspaper in paint and gently stamp the egg. This way of painting gives a beautiful marbled effect

Easter candy jar

This is a simple project using items we already have in the house. We need a jar, a napkin with an Easter motif and a ribbon. Fill the jar with chocolate eggs or other Easter sweets, cover the lid with a napkin and tie with a ribbon, preferably in a pastel color.

Easter garden in a jar

In a large jar, place spring flowers in a pot – hyacinths or narcissi. Drape the pot with moss and add some succulents to hide it. Add Easter figurines of hares or chickens, or put painted egg shells in the jar. More inspiration for DIY Easter decorations using live flowers, featured on her channel by Ula Pedantula

Easter is a time when the world comes back to life after winter. It’s worth introducing some joy and color into your home during this period, precisely in the form of DIY decorations. Such projects are also a great excuse to spend time with your family, and after all, this is what the holidays are all about.

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