How to choose furniture for the kitchen not to overpay?

How to choose furniture for the kitchen not to overpay?
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For many, kitchen renovation seems like the stuff of nightmares. I’m sure you’ve heard from family, friends and neighbors that finding furniture that fits perfectly in your kitchen is difficult as hell. Bespoke furniture? That’s nothing but having to prepare yourself for horrendous expenses. So if you are planning to renovate your kitchen and you would really like to replace the furniture but you don’t know how to do it in a cheap way, you need to ask yourself some questions.

Do you really need new furniture?

It might seem like the answer is obvious, but… Exactly, do you need it? Ask yourself if your kitchen cabinets are already in poor condition or maybe you are completely redesigning the room and they just don’t fit? If so, skip to the next paragraph. If not, and the problem is that you are simply bored with the look of your kitchen furniture, use a few easy and convenient tricks. First of all – paint for furniture. If your old furniture does not match in color with the new walls, this will be the best solution

This way you can easily change the style of the whole room, just bet on a different color palette. When it comes to paint for kitchen furniture, whiteboard or magnetic whiteboard paints are also a great option. What this means Not only will you get a cabinet front in a trendy dark color, but you can also write on it, for example, a list of ingredients that are running out in the kitchen or the next week’s menu. Magnetic board paints also attract magnets. Another great solution are cabinet labels in various designs. Thanks to them, you can introduce a different, original element only on a part of the furniture.

Can I buy second hand furniture?

Second hand furniture is a great option if you only want to run changes to part of your kitchen interior. Maybe you need a new table or chairs, or maybe shelves for spices or jars? If you want to save on furniture, it’s worth looking at sites such as olx or allegro, or even neighborhood Facebook groups! Very often it happens that you will find an inexpensive piece of furniture at a great price there, which someone resells, even if only because of the renovation

When you calculate the costs, it may turn out that it is much more profitable for you to drive to the other end of the city to pick up a table and do some minor renovations, than to pay several times more for a new piece of furniture. This solution is not only economical but also ecological – by giving your furniture a second life, you also reduce the production of garbage, because that’s what would become an unwanted table or bookcase on which, after repainting, you would put your weki.

Do I have to buy furniture that I like first?

Let’s not hide – it happens to all of us to see something and decide that it is exactly THAT. It’s what he’s been looking for all along. We often get carried away by the enthusiasm of finding something perfect, but when it comes to a set of kitchen furniture… It’s better not to act recklessly. Put your carelessness aside for a moment and instead say hello to realism and calculator. It is worth browsing through various furniture websites, such as, where you will review the current best promotions

Redecorating isn’t something you need to get done specifically today – so sign up for the newsletters and keep an eye on how things are changing. If you like some furniture but the price is high, see if other sites sometimes have a very similar set that will cost significantly less. The designs will vary, but remember that there are trends in decorating as well, so don’t worry that if you turn down overpriced furniture, you’ll never find similar furniture that fits not only your style, but also your budget.

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