How to clean tiles on terraces and balconies?

How to clean tiles on terraces and balconies?
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Balconies and terraces are places where tiles are particularly exposed to dirt and therefore require regular cleaning and care. Fortunately, there are easy methods that will make our tiles look perfect.

Basic methods

The cleaning method depends on what type of tiles you have on your terrace or balcony. If your tiles are smooth, all you need to do is clean them regularly with water and a special liquid for ceramic tile floor care. Besides, it is worth buying a special preparation, thanks to which we can quickly clean dirty grout. In order to remove stains from tiles and gro ut faster, you should apply the cleaning preparation on the most dirty places and then wash it off with water. Before cleaning the tiles with water, you should wait about an hour for the agent to effectively get rid of the stains. Such liquids not only clean thoroughly, but also disinfect the surface. In addition, they make our floor impregnated, and any dirt will be easier to remove

The most difficult to get rid of are greasy stains and those caused by spilled mortar or paint. Extremely troublesome are also tiles, which have on them a green tarnish from lichen or algae. In such a situation, it is best to use a rice brush to remove the top layer of the raid, and then wash the surface with tile cleaner.

How to clean stone tiles on balcony and terrace?

Stone tiles require us to use different care products. These tiles have an uneven structure and cannot be cleaned with water only. It is also very important to impregnate them with agents that will further protect their color from UV rays. Particularly noteworthy are stone tiles made of sandstone, which under the influence of atmospheric conditions very often loses its beautiful shade. Fortunately, impregnates contain UV filter that effectively protects the color. Stone tiles should be cleaned by us particularly often because sand and moisture get between their cracks

It is worth remembering that water may even lead to cracking of the tiles, so after cleaning the terrace, the entire surface should be dried with a dry mop, if possible. First, apply a stone cleaner to the surface of the tiles and then clean them with a rice brush. Remember to choose the gradation of the brush for your tiles to avoid scratching them. After the preparation dries, the tiles can be washed with a pressure washer

Every two years, stone tiles should be treated with a special impregnate that protects their surface against cracking and excessive dirt. Thanks to the impregnator, dust and sand do not get into the crevices of the tiles and the surface is much easier to clean with a pressure washer. If, in spite of impregnation, some chips appear on a terrace or balcony with stone tiles, it is best to protect all gaps with epoxy putty the color of which should match the shade of the tiles. After the putty dries, the tiles regain their original appearance. Sand the repaired surface to remove any traces

Some impregnates leave the effect of so-called wet stone on the tile surface. Unfortunately, not every surface looks good after application of such an agent. Most impregnates, however, do not change the properties of stone tiles to a significant degree, but only protect them very effectively against dirt, moisture, and UV radiation. For easier care of stone tiles, it is worthwhile to use such products once in a while, and for subsequent cleaning, use only products designed for stone

To prevent tiles from cracking, we can also take care of proper terrace drainage. Then, rainwater after heavy rains will not stay on the surface for long.

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