How to choose and install acoustic panels?

How to choose and install acoustic panels?
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Do you want to professionally soundproof your recording studio? Or maybe you want to enjoy undisturbed sound of the highest quality during a screening in your home cinema? Then invest in high-quality acoustic panels. You don’t know the difference between the models available on the market and how to install them? Find out now!

Types of acoustic panels. How to choose the right variant?

The development of technology has made a lot of specialized panels available on the market. Methodologically, we are able to distinguish several divisions. One of them is the classification of materials on the basis of the sounds they are to mute. We are talking here about airborne acoustic waves, so, for example, animal noises, electronic or human voices, which are transmitted in space, and also about shock waves transmitted through architectural elements, such as the floor or the ceiling.

Moreover, acoustic panels available on the market are divided into dispersive, absorptive and reflective. The first ones work by maximizing the level of the so-called spatialization of sounds, as they act as their additional source. Absorptive panels, in turn, are responsible for absorbing unwanted sounds, noises or reverberations. These models are usually used in offices and larger conference rooms.

So how do you choose the acoustic panels best suited to your needs? When you want to record great music or enjoy high quality natural sound, install diffusers. On the other hand, if your goal is to eliminate the occurring reverberation or annoying noise in the room, use acoustic panels with absorption. So when buying a particular model, it is worth specifying your needs or asking for professional advice on the type and number of panels you need. It may turn out that you need both absorbers and diffusing acoustic panels. When For example, in professional recording studios. Such a combination works well also in interiors serving as a home cinema Check our offer of acoustic panels and choose a model for yourself!

Installation of acoustic panels

The process of assembly of acoustic panels depends on the applied technological solutions in the field of their production or materials themselves. Currently, it is possible to install the panels by yourself, which significantly improves the whole process and is simply comfortable. Acoustic panels assembled by means of studs are very popular. This solution is extremely convenient, not time-consuming and uncomplicated. Activities should begin with measurements and determining the places where the inserts will be fixed. In the next step, small holes are drilled and dowels are inserted into them so that they are stable. The final step is to apply the acoustic panels to the prepared studs.

Another way to install acoustic panels is to use special adhesives. This solution is definitely more complex and technically demanding. Before we start working with panels and glue, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the surfaces on which we want to fix them are clean. So the walls should be degreased and dried. When using a particular adhesive, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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